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Prints and Commishes

Sun Sep 9, 2007, 4:39 PM
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Hello, if it's your first time visiting, welcome! I'm Hec, 2d and 3d artist working in the games industry as a lead artist. Here in this space you'll find some of my works... soon I'll finish my new website where you will find more of my junk if you're interested in seeing it. To anyone that stops by here often or more than once, thanx a bunch and show me your junk if you got cool junk. :)

I started already on some commission work and I'm also starting to post prints here in DA, if both things go well I will continue to put more time and effort in both fronts.  I'm also working on a portfolio website where I will have a lot more of my art including some sequential samples and junk and stuff... :P

I'm still working out the prices for commissions, but in the meantime I'm keeping things fairly negotiable, so bring on your proposals and we'll see what we can work out.  

Thanx for the favs, devwatches and comments.  

Website is comin' soon!!!

My Girl:

Some Artists I like:
:iconloish::iconbara-chan: :iconartgerm: :iconjonboy007007: :iconenayla: :icondanimation2001: :iconcakes: :iconmichellehoefener: :iconpacman23:

Some DA Friends:
:iconzanker: :iconquetzalcoatl69: :icontinachan: :iconmechanicaliber: :iconhoon: :iconjactinglim: :iconmonstarling:

Clubs I be in:
:iconmexicanos: :iconpin-ups: :iconhtk-club: :iconfeliciaclub: :iconthegogoclub:
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Submitted on
September 9, 2007