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Xmen Infi90s

By HecM
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Groupshot of my Xmen fan art project using the infinity style, and yep they're standing on the remains of a sentinel they just ripped apart, more shots of the figures in my gallery.
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I know this for sure, if Disney Infinity was still going on and there was an X-men set I would've bought every X-men figure

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Too bad they never made these
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These are extraordinary.  Love it.
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Want these figures to become a reality? Sign the Save Disney Infinity petition!
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tooo perfect! i want!
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You've done great work, i'll give you that. But where's Jubilee?
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Will make her eventually. :)
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Am sorry but you are meaning to do COLUSSUS yes? ;)
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Yeah, he's in the works. :)
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Genial!Gran trabajo lucen fantásticos!
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could you make colossus and/or nightcrawler?
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Colossus is in the works, you can follow me on twitter for the progress, @sculptorhec is my handle.  Nightcrawler might come later too.
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Da, Da you MUST finish Colossus! Is most important yes?
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is this digital or did you sculpt them lol 
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Disney must know of this awesomeness
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They look like they can fit in with the Disney models instantly! I really like how you themed all the bases to be the same!
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I think i just shat a brick seeing these, I feel the money loosening from my wallet already

also is there going to be a 3d printed version of these and would you share those files for everyone else to 3d print 
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I might...  Keep an eye on these parts.
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What about deadpool, he is in the Xmen, not all of them...
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Not strictly an Xman from this specific team, but definitely tempting to tackle. ;)
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that would be awesome ;3 the sentinel bits are a very nice touch 
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