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Sentinel Infinity

By HecM
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First of a series of 90s versions of the Xmen I sculpted in the style of the Infinity games...  for poops and giggles, lots of giggles.  Check my gallery for the other members. :)

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Whouhhhaaaaww ! Amazing !
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That definitely cannot happen.
killemkindly's avatar
can you do the fantastic four?
HecM's avatar
been doing them in 2D for now.  Also on my twitter, @sculptorhec
piranhabomb57214's avatar
Takes up both spots on the base
cda95's avatar
Quick question where would you put sentinel infinity on the base since it can on two circles of the base
HecM's avatar
It's just wacky fan art, so my weird idea was that you use the Sentinel as a two player vs two player online hunter/prey game mode.  Two players on one side play as any two X-Men or more while one or two players on the other side get to play as one or two Sentilels.  It's just fantasy gameplay ideas really, mostly I just wanted to make a big Sentinel toy concept. :)
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Wicked cool style and details!
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tremault5's avatar
is it a lego or a skylanders?
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heheh, neither.  Just Disney Infinity fan art using the Xmen characters.
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fan art? how did you make it?  is it moulded plastic?
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It's digital for now.  Sculpted and rendered inside the computer with Zbrush and Keyshot, maybe later on I'll make  a 3D print of them.
tremault5's avatar
that's digital??? but it looks real!! wow, that's great!
Mesa-Gordeau's avatar
Love the render :3
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alvaxerox's avatar
I buy that for a dollar
HecM's avatar
me too...  a bit more than just a buck tho. :)
jameslink's avatar
I'd get this one in a heartbeat. :)
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