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Deadpool Teaser

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That's a pic of the master print for my Deadpool Infinity figure.  Those of you interested in a resin cast of it can sign up to the mailing list for upcoming details on pre-ordering one.  It will be a very small, very limited run of copies.  Here's the link to the mailing list sign up form:
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A one of a kind Disney Infinity figure? I was thinking of commissioning a few customized figures, but ever since I saw that Deadpool (and the other X-Men designs/that one Tarzan (I think that one was also you.)) I wanted them in game, even designed a move set I think would best suit the characters. If I could settle to adding a real physical Deadpool alongside the rest of my Marvel characters... Regardless of if he worked in game or not, sign me up.

Speaking of the Tarzan design, and the X-Men designs; now that Disney Infinity is officially cancelled, have you ever considered designing other characters who never made it to the game? Few examples:

Disney Characters: Peter Pan, Hercules, Hades,  Goofy, Genie, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Mary Poppins, Quasimodo etc.
Pixar: Frozone, Wall-E, Eve, Remy and Linguini (I imagine Remy riding Linguini)
Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine, General Grevious, Count Dooku, Captain Phasma, the Rogue One characters, etc.
Marvel: Captain Marvel, Thanos, GotG2's Mantis and Nebula, Wasp (based on the movie design?) 
There's too many too name... And you're obviously a very busy and talented man to attempt them all.
Are they going to be free ?
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Awesome.. I'm up for one.. Does it come painted?
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Still working that out, for sure there will be painted and unpainted kits.  There will be more info shared in the mailing list if you're interested. :)
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All ready signed up. :-)

Are they being print in China? If so then I am using the same facility probably and painting is an option. It isn't that cheap though.
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yeah, that's why if there are painted kits it won't be many.
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