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TF Mods: Kickback

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Onto the Decepticons, now, starting with one inspired by Jin Saotome's ROTF Sideways-to-Kickback mod, although I decided to use Deluxe Dead End instead. Personally, I think the source figure is a much closer match to the Insecticon, both in coloring and head design,but mine doesn't have any antennae because I'm not sure what I could use for them.

Just thinking "out loud" here for the sake of boredom and brainstorming...it's generally accepted, and even specifically pointed out on the TFwiki, that the individual abilities of the three Insecticons are that Shrapnel has electrical manipulation/generation, Bombshell has mind control via cerebro shells, and Kickback...kicks things. There's just one problem with that: where do the clones come from? The IDW books address it by saying that the swarms are pre-made and that the three we know are just three of many, and the Marvel comic book just ignored the power entirely.

My theory, though, is that Kickback is the one with the clone power. It fits his locust/grasshopper alt-mode better than the powers of the other two fit theirs, true, but stick with me a second...by himself, Kickback would be more akin to Jaime "Multiple Man" Madrox, only on a smaller scale: he'd be able to make one, maybe two clones of himself or someone else, and they'd be independent until the power ran out and they vanished again. Cool power by itself, yeah, but combine it with a near limitless power source (Shrapnel's energy powers) and the ability to control them, or at least direct their actions (Bombshell's mind control) and, voila', one swarm of ravenous Insecticons blocking out the sunlight. The powers could even be designed to interact with each other, since the three are a largely self-sufficient unit among the 'cons, thus eliminating the need for Bombshell to brain-shell each of them individually, and the need to keep themselves fueled (and eliminate much of the drain on Shrapnel) explains why their alt-modes are designed to consume all forms of matter as well as their savage behavior.

I thought of this because of, well, a recent redeco I did, ROTF Deluxe Dead End into Kickback (a much better fit than Jin Saotome's Sideways mod, IMHO; he even has a near match fr Kickback's head and is already mostly black to boot!) which got me thinking "Why would he have an Earth-vehicle alt-mode now, while my Shrapnel and Bombshell still have insect modes and hang with my renegade Predacon faction?" The idea was that, basically, Starscream had the Constructicons build a machine that Kickback was then unwillingly reformatted and hooked into, which uses his clone power to generate armies of disposable "Vehicon drones" under Starscream's control.

...now I need to go get some more Deluxe Dead Ends to mod into more Kickback drones.
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As an Insecticon fan, I think this is brilliant!:mechabug:
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Very nice :)