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SW: Padawannabe Upari colored by Orin by Heckfire SW: Padawannabe Upari colored by Orin :iconheckfire:Heckfire 13 6 SW: Padawannabe Kreeg colored by Orin by Heckfire SW: Padawannabe Kreeg colored by Orin :iconheckfire:Heckfire 17 11 D-Mania and Jerm designs by Heckfire D-Mania and Jerm designs :iconheckfire:Heckfire 17 3 CO OC: Spiderbyte by Heckfire CO OC: Spiderbyte :iconheckfire:Heckfire 14 8 Ancient Stuff: Heckfire, original model by Heckfire Ancient Stuff: Heckfire, original model :iconheckfire:Heckfire 10 3 Ancient: MegaMan.EXE fan chars by Heckfire Ancient: MegaMan.EXE fan chars :iconheckfire:Heckfire 15 3 Billie Freeman: World's Mightiest Mortal by Heckfire Billie Freeman: World's Mightiest Mortal :iconheckfire:Heckfire 24 24 Ancient Stuff: Raichu dominatrix? by Heckfire
Mature content
Ancient Stuff: Raichu dominatrix? :iconheckfire:Heckfire 18 3
Puss in Boots-Color Experiment by Heckfire
Mature content
Puss in Boots-Color Experiment :iconheckfire:Heckfire 17 4
WTLG-Maisy (Color) by Heckfire WTLG-Maisy (Color) :iconheckfire:Heckfire 20 2 TF CW: Triage and Rally (WIP) by Heckfire TF CW: Triage and Rally (WIP) :iconheckfire:Heckfire 9 1 WARDOLL: THE LAST GODDESS Concept by Heckfire WARDOLL: THE LAST GODDESS Concept :iconheckfire:Heckfire 14 4
Ectogirl - To The Grindstone (Unfinished Script)
PAGE 1 (full "splash" page)
(GUY standing at bus stop, maybe leaning on the sign, reading a magazine folded back on itself in one hand while holding his briefcase in the other; he's an ordinary middle aged man in a suit, very bland and regular in a slightly too old-fashioned way. The other people at the bus stop pay no attention to him and seem to give him a bit of a wide berth...nothing blatant or obvious, it just seems like they give him space despite the bus stop being otherwise fairly crowded)
GUY: (caption) Another day, another dollar...another day at the ol' rat races.
GUY: (caption) Bus to work, put the time on the clock, bus it home again...same old same old.
GUY: (caption) Still, it pays the bills and keeps a roof over my head. Last thing I want is to be homeless in THIS economy, especially seeing some of the freaks wandering around.
PANEL 1: (sidelong medium shot: GUY looks up from his magazine as bus pulls up)
GUY: (caption) I don't want to h
:iconheckfire:Heckfire 3 3
Young Legends Issue 1 (Rough Draft Outline)
JENNY EVERYWHERE, imprisoned in a dark, evil place (very Kirby/Byrne/Simonson looking), tries to run from mocking dark voice of JENNY NOWHERE, but every door is sealed by locks marked with copyright, trademark, and restricted symbols. Nowhere taunts her by saying that she's trapped in her domain and that she'll "parade your severed head in public for all to see..." which inspires Jenny to type into her wrist computer thingy; this causes the ground and the room itself she's in to unravel around her, dropping her into a white void. While Nowhere rages, Jenny starts grabbing the unraveling threads, who are now turning prismatic, and starts weaving them together into the grid of a comic book page, which catches her like a net at first, then she climbs down it like a ladder as a setting beins to coalesce around her...
...revealing THE PANTHEON BUILDING, former headquarters of the LEGENDS OF JUSTICE. Cleanup crews are in the process of prepping it for reopening,
:iconheckfire:Heckfire 5 1
Mature content
WARDOLL: Prelude (Rough Draft Outline) :iconheckfire:Heckfire 5 20
Like Attracts Like by Heckfire
Mature content
Like Attracts Like :iconheckfire:Heckfire 8 6

Random Favourites

Astroboy by bleedman Astroboy :iconbleedman:bleedman 876 206 Predator vs. Gargoyle by MommySpike Predator vs. Gargoyle :iconmommyspike:MommySpike 46 12 Lolo by aun61 Lolo :iconaun61:aun61 183 41 never know why... by axl never know why... :iconaxl:axl 9 19 Something pornished by Splinterlight
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Mature content
Two Princesses :icondigitalfade:digitalfade 19 18

In regards to a G2-style BIONICLE MOC I'm gonna be taking shots of: black and purple armor means they should be : 

8 deviants said Gravity, a'la the original G1 Toa color scheme.
4 deviants said Earth, like the G2 version of original Toa of Earth, Onua.
1 deviant said CCBS SUX, TECHNIC 5-EVA POZER!!!11!!!!



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Crawling From The Wreckage
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United States
Current Residence: Middle of Gaea's Buttcrack, CO
Favourite genre of music: Miscellaneous
Operating System: WinXP (part of a settlement)
Skin of choice: Naked
Favourite cartoon character: Either Spike Speigel or Bender
Personal Quote: "Grab a shovel-I'm one skull away from a Mouseketeer reunion." -Bender
Sorry I haven't been here for a while, 2018 has been kicking my ass financially...basically, after not getting a raise at my job for just over a decade, my expenses have finally eclipsed my income, and given the non-existent job market out here (seriously, my ex works at the job placement center and she hasn't even been able to find anything for her roommate), I need to seriously look into supplementing my current income in some way. I already opened a Ko-Fi thingy that I haven't posted anywhere yet mainly out of misplaced pride, but what I really need to do is finally stop fiddle-farting around (old saying of my parents', seems apropos) and get this creative block behind me so I can at least justify opening a Patreon account. I mean, even those living statue guys are technically doing SOMETHING for the spare change...

To that end, I also wanna get any lingering commissions from the, like, one week period back in I think '08 that I opened up for  them out of the way also...I know I owe :iconsongoharotto: and Dusty each one and :icondeathmourne: two, but if there's anyone else I owe a paid commission to, plese contact me with, well, some kinda proof of it and I'll add you to the list.

In the meantime...*drops pants and starts shuffling in place, muttering* "Th' old grey mare, she AIN'T whut she useta be, AIN'T whut she useta be, AIN'T whut she useta' old grey mare, she AIN'T whut she useta be, AIN'T whut she useta be, AIN'T whut she useta be..."



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don't mind me, I from the shadows
Tue Jan 8, 2013, 10:08 AM
Shoutbox! Heeeello~ everyone!
Sat Feb 19, 2011, 5:01 PM
How dis this get here?
Sun Feb 6, 2011, 8:27 AM
...wait, I have a shoutbox now?
Mon May 31, 2010, 10:15 PM
Time to fill this box up.
Sun May 9, 2010, 3:14 PM
Allo to ye ^_^
Sun Aug 29, 2004, 9:09 AM


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