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Then, here is my school work. It's Scratchboard, and the theme was " 3 animals in a background ". We must chose animals who live in the same place ( so not someting like a Lion, an artic wolf and a Tiger ).

I spend a lot of time on the bear and the fish, but not for the eagle ( maybe cause I found an object who's just fantastic to make some effect like for the water =D ).

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When I look at animal realism in any medium, I look for texture, composition, compasion and ofcourse technique. The detail on the bear is magnificent as well as the eagle. The fish though does not stick out to me as much as the bear and eagle. I believe the backround could've gotten more attention, but perhaps the animals are more of the main focus. If I were to give this an official review/critique, I'd give this peice a solid 9 out of 10. It exhibits the feirceness of wildlife, and the beauty within it. Remarkable job hecate! Keep up the amazing work!
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thank you very much ^-^
The background is not so present cause my teacher tell me to pay attention at it for not hide the animals =P
Thank you very much for the critique, it's my first one =D
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wow. This black and white stil is just great. I like it so much.
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Thank you very much :heart:
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That's just a wonderful piece of art! I love it! :heart:
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Thank you very much <3
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:wow: je le trouver deja magnifique quand il n'était pas fini et la, c'est vraiment incroyable !
Tout est vraiment bien fait que ce soit la fourure de l'ours, la brillance des écailles du saumon ou les plumes de l'aigle, même l'effet de l'eau est parfaite ! :faint:
c'est vraiment du très beau travail tout ça ^^
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Merci beaucoup * rougit *
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de rien ^^ tu le mérite tellement :)
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That is really beautiful and I think the detail on the water looks great!
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thank you very much ^-^
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Truc de fou le mouvement dans le dessin, le réalisme et le côté "brillant" du rendu... J'admire :heart:!
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Merci beaucoup =D
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Wow this is just brilliant. O.O

The detail is just stunning!!!
Awesome job Hecate :)
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I love how detailed this is
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Hello, you have been featured in my weekly dA love for everyone! article.
Have a nice day :huggle:
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