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Two and Violet by Hebi95 Two and Violet :iconhebi95:Hebi95 3 0 Laughing together by Hebi95 Laughing together :iconhebi95:Hebi95 3 0
Just a generic Dialga X Palkia Fanfiction
A small family is walking around in the city right now. Two of those being female Espeon, though one has a purple scarf, a pink halo and white feathered wings while the other has red fur, a collar, demon horns and a demon tail. And the third member of their family is a female Shiny Eevee, also with demon horns and demon tail, and a few red stripes on the fur of her front legs. A demon and an angel and a daughter who is technically a half demon, though having powers just like the other two. "So we presumably won't get involved in that whole Dark Lord thing?", the Demon Espeon wonders so that the Angel Espeon replies: "Seems like it. Only one of those pieces was here on Earth after all." "Good.", The Demon Espeon then says, "I'd be too lazy to help with that, haha." "Yeah, that sounds just like you, Naughty." "You know me, Spirit. I'm not really a hero." "Says the one who was willing to sacrifice her own life when Nightmare was causing trouble.", Spirit points out so that Naughty says: "
:iconhebi95:Hebi95 1 0
Stripes by Hebi95 Stripes :iconhebi95:Hebi95 6 0
Travellers in Atlantis - Chapter 6
In the same starry night, Kokkaku eventually gets Bone Eater to come with him to somewhere on the ship where he thinks he can be alone with her, still with the stars shining down on them though. "Alright, Bone Eater... I've been waiting for long enough now.", Kokkaku then talks to her, "I've got something that I want to ask you. Something... special. But it is something I'm very sure of." "You wanna ask for snuggles and cuddles?", Bone Eater tries to guess but the blue eyed Shiny Houndour points out: "Don't we do that already? Anyway, that's not what I'm intending to ask here. It's something... even more special than that. But it is also something that means a lot to me. Because, Bone Eater, you mean a lot to me. You're like... the most important person in my life to me. You're special to me. I love you and I-" "I love you too!" "...Yeah, thanks. What I'm trying to say is-" "I love you looooots!", Bone Eater keeps unintentionally interrupting her boyfriend. "...Bone Eater, would you pl
:iconhebi95:Hebi95 3 0
The skeleton forms of the Shiny Houndour Trio by Hebi95 The skeleton forms of the Shiny Houndour Trio :iconhebi95:Hebi95 6 0
Travellers in Atlantis - Chapter 5
"So is Princy still behaving or is he already starting to bother you again?", Skeleton wants to know from Clover who then tells her boyfriend: "Stop acting like he's a bad person. You've got nothing to worry about, okay?" "Well, I did hear some old love song coming from one of the rooms on this ship.", the red eyed Shiny Houndour then points out, "He didn't happen to force you to spend time with him in there, did he?" "Stop being ridiculous.", the black furred Eevee then complains, "All he did was ASK for a dance, not force me into it." "And...?", Skeleton wants her to keep talking. "Well, I said yes." "What??" "Calm down, Skeleton.", Clover says, seeming to be a little annoyed by her boyfriend's obvious jealousy, "It was a dance between friends, nothing more." "...with a love song playing in the background.", Skeleton further points things out so that Clover replies to that: "And I specifically commented on how the stuff from those lyrics would never end up really happening between Pr
:iconhebi95:Hebi95 2 2
Travellers in Atlantis - Chapter 4
"What's with that cassette recorder you have with you, by the way?", Clover asks Princy while the group is looking for what ship to use to get to the location they want to be at. "Oh! Well, uhh.", Princy answers to her, already looking happy just about her showing interest in it to begin with, "I wanted to carry it with me for the case if I'd happen to meet you again during my own travelling so when I'd happen to meet you again, I could record your voice with it so that I could listen to it whenever I'd want even when you're not nearby. Your voice makes me feel soooo warm around my fluffy yellow spider heart." "I don't think your heart is actually literally fluffy and yellow like you are.", Clover points out, "Couldn't you just use a cellphone or something to achieve the same goal though?" "What's a cellphone?", Princy wonders. "Oh right, new technology isn't exactly your thing.", the black furred Eevee remembers.
Not much time later, Chant eventually buys a pretty big sailing ship, wh
:iconhebi95:Hebi95 2 3
For Teaberry by Hebi95 For Teaberry :iconhebi95:Hebi95 5 0 Salamence by Hebi95 Salamence :iconhebi95:Hebi95 8 0
Travellers in Atlantis - Chapter 3
"We are not going to Atlantis.", Skeleton tells Kokkaku, "Those three have literally told us about how everyone there is a Water Type." "It's also on an island on the sea.", Down adds to that, "So yeah... considering water would literally kill you, you might not wanna risk going there." "But it's Atlantis we're talking about!", Kokkaku still keeps up his excitement about the idea, "We can't just not go there when we have the chance to find out how right now. Also, we do have Clover with us so our weakness to water really isn't that big of an issue." "The cobwebs of mine which protect you from water only work for a limited amount of time though.", Clover points out but Kokkaku still isn't changing his mind: "We've got through so much and still survived just fine. And if you don't take some rare chances in life, even if they come with a big risk, you might miss out on experiencing something great." "Do I have to remind you at the Alolan Meowth and how it was your naivety that got us into
:iconhebi95:Hebi95 3 0
At the very end of the final maze by Hebi95 At the very end of the final maze :iconhebi95:Hebi95 6 0
Travellers in Atlantis - Chapter 2
"I'm not sure what to even begin...", Chant then says, "We've heard of a Trio of Shiny Houndour Trio as being the ones who apparently defeated a hostile Shiny Mega Rayquaza without even really struggling against it. We've also heard of a Trio of Shiny Houndour again as the team who helped when that scarily powerful angel caused havoc, helping by taking care of the injured survivors when barely anyone else was still fine enough to do that." "Apparently you four also know the legendary Scare the Jolteon personally, some even telling us you're actually friends with her.", Down then adds to that so that Kokkaku replies: "I wouldn't call that little Jolteon legendary... She was definitely heroic but-" "She had a big impact on many others who she met throughout her journey.", Down points out to the Shiny Houndour, "And she was still willing to take on the true villain behind the Eeveelution genocide after it already happened, keeping the hope that she could still make it end well against lit
:iconhebi95:Hebi95 2 2
Shelgon by Hebi95 Shelgon :iconhebi95:Hebi95 6 0
Travellers in Atlantis - Chapter 1
"Dear Vein, I actually happened to meet those doggies your team leader is friends with recently again! I even accompanied them for the next adventure they were just starting to have. Anyway, how are you feeling recently? Probably still pretty happy with life, considering what happened to you-know-who-but-I-don't-wanna-say-his-name-because-you-hate-being-reminded-at-him back then. Well, I personally feel... hopeful. Yeah, I guess that's the right word to use here. Let me tell you why; it's related with how that little adventure I had with the doggies ended. And I'm gonna start telling you about it in this letter to you riiiiiight now."
A few weeks earlier...
"BONE-FLAVORED COOKIES!", the female green eyed Shiny Houndour excitedly tells those who she is walking together with. Those being two other Shiny Houndour, both being male unlike her and one having a blue eye color while the other one has his eyes being colored red, as well as there being a female Eevee with them with a blac
:iconhebi95:Hebi95 3 0
I am a fighter by Hebi95 I am a fighter :iconhebi95:Hebi95 4 4


Cease Control by TheHoodedWolf22 Cease Control :iconthehoodedwolf22:TheHoodedWolf22 2 6 Araca the sweet spider-like Alien by Seth-Astral Araca the sweet spider-like Alien :iconseth-astral:Seth-Astral 9 4 Dry Bones Character Redesign by OliveWriter Dry Bones Character Redesign :iconolivewriter:OliveWriter 12 7 :GIFT: Hebi95 by Hirochiii :GIFT: Hebi95 :iconhirochiii:Hirochiii 15 1 :GIFT: Naughty and Spirit by raisu-neko :GIFT: Naughty and Spirit :iconraisu-neko:raisu-neko 21 12 Can You Not? by TheWardenn Can You Not? :iconthewardenn:TheWardenn 15 32 [Gift] Demon Espeon by Pazlin [Gift] Demon Espeon :iconpazlin:Pazlin 21 18 I picked another flower for you by shizuetsu I picked another flower for you :iconshizuetsu:shizuetsu 8 15 Unforgettable Memories.. by Seth-Astral Unforgettable Memories.. :iconseth-astral:Seth-Astral 17 4 Happy B-day Hebi! by Miylkye Happy B-day Hebi! :iconmiylkye:Miylkye 7 4 Naughty girl by GroovieDalton Naughty girl :icongrooviedalton:GroovieDalton 7 8 Hehe~ by LeafyWolf Hehe~ :iconleafywolf:LeafyWolf 3 5 [ART TRADE] Naughty by Azurasaki [ART TRADE] Naughty :iconazurasaki:Azurasaki 4 3 To my beautiful friends by GroovieDalton To my beautiful friends :icongrooviedalton:GroovieDalton 13 48 Clover by GroovieDalton Clover :icongrooviedalton:GroovieDalton 3 1 Claryce Fams II by Seth-Astral Claryce Fams II :iconseth-astral:Seth-Astral 19 6



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Two and Violet
Here, have some adorableness. Meow :3

Those two and this scene here are from my story "A-maze-ing", which you can read here if you're interested:…
Laughing together
After they calm down from laughing again, the Nidoran then says without directly looking at the alien next to her: "I'm really glad we became friends, you know?" "Me too.", Virgo responds to that, pausing for a bit before repeating her answer just to emphasize on how much she means it, "Me too."

Yeah, and they tooootally remain just friends and it also tooootally doesn't end up turning into a sad backstory for Virgo since that Nidoran does get older and can die from age while Virgo doesn't. >w>

Anyway, since this drawing takes place at a point in time when Virgo didn't have her clothes yet, this is the first time I draw her without them. I am a dummy! Turns out that below that shirt with the skull symbol on it is a skull-shaped marking on her body. xD Anyway, if you're interested in the full story about the Zodiac Celebi, you can read it right here:…
A small family is walking around in the city right now. Two of those being female Espeon, though one has a purple scarf, a pink halo and white feathered wings while the other has red fur, a collar, demon horns and a demon tail. And the third member of their family is a female Shiny Eevee, also with demon horns and demon tail, and a few red stripes on the fur of her front legs. A demon and an angel and a daughter who is technically a half demon, though having powers just like the other two. "So we presumably won't get involved in that whole Dark Lord thing?", the Demon Espeon wonders so that the Angel Espeon replies: "Seems like it. Only one of those pieces was here on Earth after all." "Good.", The Demon Espeon then says, "I'd be too lazy to help with that, haha." "Yeah, that sounds just like you, Naughty." "You know me, Spirit. I'm not really a hero." "Says the one who was willing to sacrifice her own life when Nightmare was causing trouble.", Spirit points out so that Naughty says: "Well, I only did it to brag about it, really." "Suuuure.", Spirit doubts Naughty not having any good intentions when she did that back then. "Where did you teleport Mistletoe and her now boyfriend actually? When the Ultra Beasts were attacking, I mean.", the Half Demon Shiny Eevee then wonders so that Spirit tells her: "To someone who would be able to get them to heaven. They needed to ask Arceus personally where that piece could be found after all." "So using that person I could get to heaven too? Sounds like a great opportunity to mess with some people up there, haha." "Be a good girl, Lucy.", Spirit tells her, "Especially since I know you like messing with others, so I'm definitely not gonna tell you who I got them to." "Oh, if only I could read someone's mind as one of my special powers...", Lucy then comments on that, "Oh wait. I do! See you later!" And then Lucy just teleports herself away. Naughty looks at Spirit quietly for a bit before then telling her girlfriend: "She really listens to you well."

And so Lucy gets to an entirely different city far away from her home, where she is now right in front of whoever helped Mistletoe and her boyfriend get to heaven. It's a bipedal Leafeon with eyes as red as blood and sharp fangs. She has bat-like wings and her fur looks pale as if she'd have been dead already for a while except the parts that would normally be green or brown on a normal Leafeon's body because those parts are dyed purple on this Leafeon. They'd be pretty pale looking too after all if this Leafeon wouldn't have decided to dye them in this purple color. She got a halo hovering above her head which also got a purple color. The Grass Type Pokémon also wears a cape which has the color of a darker purple.
"You like purple?", Lucy asks which the Vampire Angel replies to: "What? How did you get that idea?" "Your look makes it kinda obvious.", the Shiny Eevee points out before then getting right to why she is here: "I want you to get me up to heaven and- ... What are you doing there?" "Writing a letter.", the Grass Type Pokémon answers to that, "For my penpal Princy!" "A letter...", Lucy repeats that bit, "Oh, now I've definitely got an idea! Dialga and Palkia also live up there, right?" "Where?" "In heaven. I just asked you to get me to heaven." "You did?" "...Yes...", Lucy starts to realize that this Vampire Angel Leafeon might not be the best at remembering things. "Oh, well you're just a child, I'm sure there would be nothing wrong with someone that innocent being there.", the angel replies confidently, "My name is Vein, by the way." "I'm Lucy. Let's do this!" Lucy excitedly wags her tail.

And so, not much later, those two are up in heaven...
The ground in heaven pretty much looks like clouds except that one can actually walk on those. That does give it the impression of being high up in the sky even though it isn't, being a different plane of reality within the universe just like hell is. "So what do you want to do here?", Vein now wonders which Lucy responds to with a grin: "I wanna mess with people I couldn't normally mess with.", before then using her powers to do... something. "What are you doing?" "Using my powers." "You have powers?" "I'm a half demon... as you can quite clearly see." "Oh yeah, I forgot." "You... forgot the signs pointing to me being a half demon when I'm right in front of you?" "Yes!", Vein happily admits, "So what did you do exactly?" "I just made letters appear, one in each of the homes of Dialga and Palkia. Letters where the other would confess their feelings to the other one. Hahaha, that's gonna be hilarious when they confront themselves about that!" "Well yeah, there is no way that Legendary Pokémon like them would feel anything like that... especially towards those who they occassionally have some rivalry with." "Wanna come with me to watch too?", Lucy then offers Vein, excited about how it's gonna happen.

So then, thanks to Lucy's powers, they easily find where Dialga lives. It's just a house standing all by itself here in heaven... well, except that it's clearly pretty big considering the size of Dialga himself. Palkia is just flying towards it and landing in front of the entrance door so that Lucy and Vein quickly hide around a corner. "They're gonna be so mad at each other for even considering it, without having any idea what the other one is talking about, haha!", Lucy talks to herself before they can hear Palkia knocking on the door of Dialga's house. Dialga knows who that must be, considering the timing and how that letter with Palkia's confession that Palkia didn't actually write appeared kind of shortly before now. Meanwhile Palkia believes to have gotten a love confession letter from Dialga even though Dialga certainly didn't write one. "This is gonna be good.", Lucy comments, awaiting how it's gonna continue from here. Dialga is hesitating, knowing what Palkia must be wanting to talk about judging by that letter, but Palkia could easily get himself inside with his strength if he'd want to talk to him personally that badly. So eventually, Dialga finally walks to the entrance door from the inside and opens it, greeting the other Legendary Pokémon Dialga with a very friendly and polite voice: "WHAT?? WHAT DO YOU WANT HERE?"
The Palkia then shyly responds: "Dialga-san... Why are you shouting at me?..." "I AM ALWAYS SHOUTING IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED.", Dialga responds to that, "AND DON'T CALL ME THAT." "Dialga-san?" "YES, THAT." "Okay, Dialga-chan." "WHAT DOES THAT MEAN NOW?" "C-Can I come inside?..." ".... FINE." So then Palkia enters the home of the other Legendary Pokémon. Lucy and Vein watching it all happen by looking through one of the windows now.

Palkia is looking around and soon notices a bowl full of what appears to be vanilla sauce or cream, making him wonder: "You cook? Or... bake, I guess?" "ONLY SINCE A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO, DON'T YOU DARE TO TELL ANYONE THAT I, DIALGA, THE GOD OF TIME, LIKES BAKING." Palkia giggles a bit and then assures him: "Don't worry about it, Dialga-chan, I'll keep my mouth shut. So anyway, about that-" But before Palkia can even bring up the letter, Dialga interrupts him: "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, PALKIA? YOU'RE THE FREAKING GOD OF SPACE! YOU CAN'T JUST BEHAVE LIKE THAT, ARCEUS MIGHT NOT LIKE YOU ACTING LIKE THIS!" "Wh-What... What do you mean Dialga-chan?" "AND STOP CALLING ME THAT!" "Okay, senpai." "NEVERMIND, GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS ONE."
Palkia keeps looking around while walking inside of Dialga's house. However, because of not paying attention to his steps all that much, he then ends up stumbling over one of the legs of the table on which that bowl is standing, causing Palkia to fall to the ground and the vanilla cream ending up all over him. He then looks up at Dialga who is looking down at him. After some awkward silence, Palkia shouts... in a timid manner still though: "D-Don't look at me like that, b-baka! It's just vanilla cream!" "You could just not lie in such a presenting manner, that would help too." "What?" "YOU COULD JUST NOT-" "No no, I actually understood you the first time. Just surprised to hear you talk quietly for once." Palkia then giggles cutely. "DON'T DO THAT.", Dialga reacts to that, pretending like he wouldn't be blushing right now.
"Is it just me or do these two actually feel something for each other and have never told each other about it?", Lucy is starting to realize now so that Vein comments to that: "For more than thirteen billion years? That's ridiculous." "Yeah, let's pretend there is absolutely nothing ridiculous about the current scenario at all."

"I... I'LL GET YOU SOMETHING TO CLEAN THAT OFF YOU, WAIT RIGHT THERE... BUT STOP LYING LIKE THAT, IT MAKES IT REALLY HARD TO NOT LOOK AT.... UH... WHATEVER, I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!" Dialga then gets somewhere else in the house, trying to find something that could be used for Palkia to clean that vanilla cream off him. While waiting, Palkia decided to look around abit more, seeing Dialga's computer on which he was apparently just watching a Minecraft Let's Play just before Palkia came here. Out of curiousity, Palkia now looks at the browsing history on Dialga's computer. "What is... "rule 34"?" And because of the curiousity remaining, of course he ends up clicking on that to see what Dialga was looking at. Turns out Palkia's name was in the search bar so that now Palkia sees what Dialga was looking at whenever he was on there... Palkia blushes immensely, seeing that.
And just then Dialga comes back into the room with a towel and sees what Palkia is now seeing on his computer screen. "PALKIA, YOU DARE TOUCHING MY COMPUTER??" "You looked up porn of me?? B-BAKA!!..." Both of them are obviously blushing quite a lot, considering this situation. "S-So... you really meant it..." "WHAT?" "All the things you wrote in that letter..." "WHAT?? BUT ONLY I GOT A-" "You want me... Dialga-chan... and I'm willing to be all yours." Then Palkia gets down to the ground, with his backside facing the direction of Dialga and the tail up, giving the god of time quite a good view.
"What exactly were you writing in those letters?", Vein now starts to wonder so that Lucy tells her: "Oh nothing. Only a few inappropriate things. And it's definitely fun to watch it all happen now." "How old are you?" "Judging by my body, I'm pretty much fully mature at this point." "I'm not sure if that answers my question...", Vein replies to that in a slightly concerned manner.

"P-PALKIA, STOP THAT!", Dialga shouts, all flustered. "A-All for you senpai..", Palkia responds, shaking his backside a bit to further invite the other Legendary Pokémon. "I AM NOT GOING TO.... I MEAN... UNLESS... y-you really want to?...", Dialga now asks. "Let me feel you inside of me, Dialga-chan.", the god of space makes it clear to the god of time behind him. And then... Dialga actually starts to approach the Water and Dragon Type Pokémon in front of him, even if hesitantingly. Vein puts her arm in front of Lucy so that she wouldn't see it but Lucy just pushes Vein's arm away again easily, not wanting to miss this. I mean, how often would you get to see something like that happening? Literally Legendary Pokémon getting all lovey-dovey with each other must be something so weird that nobody would ever think of that, right? (I'm not actually judging, even if I'm making fun of it here, so don't worry; it's not like I'm doing it too after all).
But right when Dialga was about to get started with you-know-what, someone else is knocking on the door. "Damnit!", Lucy comments on them being interrupted. So Dialga opens the door and it's Mesprit, the Legendary Pokémon known for being the one who brought emotion into existence. "Yo, what's up, Dialga?" "WHAT DO YOU WANT AND WHY NOW??" "I'm just gonna let myself inside." And Mesprit easily manages to get past Dialga and therefore inside due to the big size difference. "Oh I see Palkia went to visit you as well.", Mesprit comments on seeing that Pokémon here too before she sits on the couch and just turns the TV on. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING??" "I got bored. So I decided I'd go up to heaven to give you a little visit. You're as welcoming as ever, dude." "DON'T CALL ME DUDE!" "Okay, girl." "WAIT, NO.", Dialga realizes his mistake.

"Looks like you really did get into baking, just like I've heard.", Mesprit eventually says... even though she isn't looking away from the TV screen at all, "By the way, you've got some vanilla cream on you, Palkia. ... At least I hope that's vanilla cream." "It is so far...", Palkia quietly responds to that. "What?" "N-Nothing, Mesprit-san..." "What'cha baking, time dude? Smells sweet." "YEAH... IT IS SUPPOSED TO BECOME A KIND OF DESSERT AFTER ALL." Palkia then very quietly adds to that: "How about I'm your dessert for today, Dialga-chan?..." "What was that?", Mesprit didn't quite listen with full attention due to watching TV here too. "NOTHING!", Dialga quickly answers before Palkia would possibly make it worse. He definitely doesn't want Mesprit to know about their obviously upcoming relationship this early on after all. "Oh, alright then.", Mesprit says before she continues to talk: "You two didn't fight again lately? You have the tendency to not get along after all. Speaking of fighting, some random Pokémon Trainer tried to challenge me to a battle. He lost... by far. He had like no chance at all, I don't know what he was thinking, challenging a Legendary Pokémon like me." Palkia then looks over to Dialga with a dreamy expression and says: "I wanna fight too... hit me with a Sweet Kiss attack, Dialga-chan~" "What was that?", Mesprit asks again so that Dialga has to intervene a second time: "NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! YOU'RE IMAGINING THINGS! WE'RE NOT TOTALLY IN HEAT AND WERE ABOUT TO DO IT JUST MINUTES AGO OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT! NOPE! NOTHING LIKE THAT AT ALL!" "Oh, alright then.", Mesprit says again and continues to watch TV.

Dialga and Palkia are both glad that she finally stopped talking since that would only make Palkia end up saying something related to his feelings towards Dialga again, and he just couldn't manage to hold that back. But then Mesprit does talk again... and not exactly using a topic which would make it easy to avoid still hiding this: "So you know how Arceus doesn't like us to mate since as Legendary Pokémon we have to behave?" Both Dialga and Palkia then answer at the same time: "Yeah, that wasn't that difficult until that Demon Espeon Naughty came along and-" Realizing what each other of them is just saying, they both end up not finishing to say it. "Oh, I've heard of her. But nah, my last time is still about a million years ago, so I'm doing pretty good. Sounds like you two aren't as good as behaving the way Arceus wants. Haha, at least it was just with that Demon Espeon, and considering what I've heard about her, I can definitely understand how it could so easily come to that. But if you'd do it with each other, I mean, you two, Dialga and Palkia, oooohh boy." "I want you to make me scream your name, Dialga-chan...", Palkia now accidentally ends up saying what he thinks again, causing Mesprit to react, once again, by responding: "What was that?" "NOTHING! HOW ABOUT YOU JUST LEAVE? I UHH... GOTTA BE ALONE TO FOCUS ON MY BAKING!", Dialga quickly tries to make Mesprit believe that who then just says: "Oh, alright then." Considering her being the bringer of emotion, she surely is very oblivious to what others really feel sometimes. Though then she points out: "Wait, you said you want me to leave so you can be alone in order to focus on your baking..." "...YES?" "...alone...with Palkia." "...YES??" "...and both you and him are blushing like hell right now." "...MAYBE???"

"Hehehe... oh I see how it is.", Mesprit then finally says. "R-Really?...", Palkia timidly wonders so that Mesprit nods and says: "You want to watch porn together. Two dudes watching girls getting it on. Of course you wouldn't want a girl like me to be there in that case. Alright, I'm already leaving, don't wanna ruin your fun, hehe." "BUT WE'RE NOT- .... actually, nevermind, just believe what you just theorized to be the case.", Dialga then lets her believe the wrong conclusion since it's certainly better than her knowing already now what was just about to happen between him and Palkia. Now Mesprit turns the TV off and gets to the door leading out of Dialga's house. But shortly before she leaves, she turns around one more time and says to them: "Honestly, you'd make a cute couple in my opinion. But yeah, with your differences, that is definitely never gonna happen. Haha, I'm just teasing you guys. No way you'd ever feel anything other than rivalry between you too." And then she leaves, closing the door behind her. Dialga and Palkia look for a bit into the direction of the now closed door. "Soooo....", Palkia awkwardly tries to start a new sentence. But Dialga just looks at him for a bit before pinning him down to the ground. Sounds like they're enjoying their time together quite a lot now.

A little later...

"Hey mom, hey Spirit, I'm back!", Lucy says when she returns to Naughty the Demon Espeon and Spirit the Angel Espeon. "Where have you been?", Spirit wonders so that the Half Demon Shiny Eevee responds to her: "Just playing a bit with Dialga and Palkia. Yep, THE Dialga and Palkia, hehe!" "Aww, playing with gods. That's cute.", Spirit comments on that, assuming something innocent. Just then a friend of her is walking past them and stops at where they are, it's a Flareon who wears glasses and he talks to Spirit: "Oh hey, Spirit. I was just looking for you." "Really?" "Yeah, I'd like to test the new invention Jeffrey and I made. We'd kinda need an immortal to see if it works though." "Oh, no problem, Kyano. I'll come with you right away." So that leaves just Naughty and Lucy standing here then. And after Spirit is far away enough to not pay attention to them anymore, Naughty turns to her daughter Lucy and asks her: "So, Lucy... what did you really do with Dialga and Palkia?"
So there was this one single time when I drew myself as basically an Anthro Beedrill with paws, or at least that's what I was apparently going for with the design. xD I thought it would be fun to draw that kind of strange design again now that my art style has changed/improved quite a lot since back then. La la la la Oh yeah, and this time I added a stinger.
That one single time I drew myself that way is here if you wanna see it:… LOL 
So I've got an idea for the new character I'll make for the third story of my Dark Lord story arc, not gonna spoil what that idea is but it's definitely creative and something unique among all my characters. And no, I'm not referring to what Pokémon species it's gonna be. (It's gonna be a Gen 8 Pokémon, I'm still waiting for them to reveal one I'd like to use for this xD) Anyway, I want to let possible readers have an impact on my stories, wanting to make them more involved with it, so I've decided to let all of you influence my decision on what name she'll get. Meow :3 The options are: Chord, Encore and Piano. So which of those three would you like the character to have most?


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Well I hope that someone made sure to credit me then or at least give the source of the art! :dummy: Artists need to always be given credit after all.
But yeah, looks like you are meeting me now after all. :meow: Soo uhhh.. hi. xD
JayDrawsOrSomething Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2019  Student General Artist
thanks for the llama!
Hebi95 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2019
You're welcome! :meow:
ParnistukisE852X Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2019
Hello again.
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