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Rapture Cutaway Diagram

I drew the impossible, I drew Rapture.

Seriously though, this took longer than almost anything I've ever drawn and I'm awake at 4:30am because of it. This is based on a plan of Rapture on a Wiki which had been drawn with everything needed for a fuctioning city such as utility areas, rooms behind blocked doors and a transport network, so I owe credit to whoever painstakingly created this. You should check it out:…
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omg this is incredible! The amount of detail only makes me further empathize with your pain xP
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Ooooooooh, this looks like it'd be fun to write for! Very impressive!
great work looks amazing
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Amazing! ô_ô
Phillipzu's avatar
You're welcome! :D
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Well if no one here is going to applaud you for working so late in the damn morning for your efforts, then let's have this crab do so.

Already and wowed beyond a few words from what I"m seeing here and damn never knew there was such a site before that had Rapture down to such a diverse tee!  Granted I can check more into that later, think you earn some massive thumbs for going and choosing the impossible. o0o

Can't believe how much I"m easily able to follow through them map itself and see where everything is here Hebbybobdige, you really, really, really did your research!  And that it shows all too well with your work as you lay out everything from the perspective of every room and its many diverse and iconic touches to even the smaller and lesser hallways that you pass by in the game.

Find it truly amazing that you are able to do this with such precise lines though.  Seen some great artists before take on super busty babes or show a great eye for background art, but this takes the ADAM on regarding the way you can break down so much of a game and still show it all off.  That takes alot stride but talent without any shadow of a doubt, not kidding.

Really like the too that almost cartoon style of the coloring and how it all feels.  Its hard to describe but while you dive deep into the construction of Rapture, have to credit you for not overdoing anything and making all your lines and coloring very easy on the eyes and nothing that wold make you lose track of where and what's going on.

Its like a maze really and you start at one point and just keep going.  Along with some very crucial areas that you did so well like the Khasmir Restaurant or the outdoor look of Medical Pavillion/Steinman's office, you plan to rebuild Rapture with your lines and dedication shows a true artist and some great skills to back it all up.

 And while this isn't the biggest thing to note, I should add a nice job on the way you layer the colors in a deep ominous green glow just like Ratpure itself always showed.  Adding in the dim lights shows well that barely alive city and even the terrain that shows the ups an down of the place do their magic as well.

Marvelous work here Hebbybobdige, for so much here and the many other countless things you added that I couldn't fit into this comment.  Bravo little moth, bravo! *electro-bolt high fives*

Hebbybobdige's avatar
Thank you! This means a lot you know =]

I plan to do the Medical Pavilion and other areas too..when I don't have to get up early for anything.

But honestly, thank you! This has to be the best critique I've ever had, I can tell that you took your time here and thought it through :) (Smile)
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Don't think you need to push yourself THAT far on the Medical Pavilion there Hebby!  Besides I think you'll be reaching Steinman's level of seeking perfection if you do. ^O^

Never planned on this being anything of a critique, just the honest praise that was deserved to someone having poured in such huge heart into their artwork.  And your more then welcome for the praise Hebby, you generated something truly unique here that help make you and your artwork stand out for the great skills that you have.  Don't think this is anything close to what any other Bioshock fan has done and being a big fan of the game myself, you can bet I mean it. *nods*

Hebbybobdige's avatar
I will though, eventually I plan to map the entire game, the entire city even. Steinman's level of perfection is what I aim for :D 

I'm just happy that somebody appreciates what I do enough to write such a reply, again I must thank you! Stay tuned for more Rapture drawings which will be here in the near future :)
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Just so long as your not trying to please the goddess Aprhodite then continue to strive for the impossible and good luck Hebby!

Sounds delightful Hebby to hear the news of the upcoming finished piece.  If by any chance I might happen to miss out after you post the pic, just be sure to send a note to my account and remind me to come check out the pic, salright? ^-^

Hebbybobdige's avatar
It'll be coming in the not too distant future so stay tuned, if you would kindly ;) 

I just need to find time to complete this, these Rapture diagrams are quite hefty things 
shaneizan's avatar
Would you kindly do all of Rapture for us?
Hebbybobdige's avatar
I know it's being delayed but more Rapture will come! 
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