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Zelda-Link Vs. Darknut

From Zelda-Wind Waker,Link fighting a Darknut.

Of course i took the liberty to give the rope cutting thing a bit more flair since he doesn't actually jump on the Darknut in the game.
Enjoy. :horns:

As seen on IGN's Zelda:Most Wanted article,which you can find here: [link]

(c) Nintendo

Rampaged Reality: [link]
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"He was a worthy adversary, remarkably skilled and ferocious for his size and age. The green-clad youth was truly deserving of a place amongst the finest warriors of Hyrule. Master Ganondorf would be foolish to underestimate him." Nameless Darknut
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Excellent job on this! Very stylish in so many ways! How are you able to make an action scene like this so dynamic? Could you tell me?
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so freaking baddass
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Epic, intense, and stylish.  Nice job displaying Link on a higher level of swordsmanship and flair.  The details on Link, the Darknut, and the battle scene are detailed and carry the same vibe felt throughout The Wind Waker.
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EPIC epic epic! Bro you rock!
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This is fantastic! The angle, the lighting, the poses, all of it is filled with action and just so... Epic! That's the only word I can think to describe this. The coloring is great, and I love how the cloth flows with the scene. It's filled with motion, and that's a hard thing to achieve. Plus, the perspective is pulled off very well. The entire piece is just incredible!
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You're welcome!
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*dies* how could a cute game turn into something so EPIC AND INTENSE WITH JUST A PICTURE
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this is so siiiick i love it
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Beautiful work here. Love the vivid colours!
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So epic :D
The Darknuts are my favorite enemies in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, they're awesome!
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Hey, I really like the way you draw wind waker link!
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I <3 windwaker
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Wow, you really know how to draw toon link like a badass.
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