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Street Fighter 2 Intro

Based on the intro of Street Fighter 2 with a couple of cameos.Enjoy.

© Capcom

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Hell yeah man! Nicely done. I'm totally digging the cameos made in the background too.

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Welcome to World Fighting Championship, The Tournament around the World.
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Really nicely made
WegraMan's avatar
A blast from the past! 
antcow's avatar
Looks like the blonde guy missed
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Nice job here! Pretty dynamic^^ How do you come up with action scenes like this? Can you tell me please? For future reference.
jettmanas's avatar
Wow, you know this already, but-
Amazing work. The level of skill here is impressive.
Hope you like my tiny bit of support.
thunderking's avatar

Knocking it out the park once again, amazing work Hanzo.

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Amazing rendition of a classic intro.
LiagnisArts's avatar
Anyone else hear that? 

That intro sound?
EvaMonkey's avatar

Do we ever find out who these two are?

Max and Scott

StriderSyd's avatar
Supposedly.....they were Mike and Joe from Street Fighter 1,
but I dunno if there was any official CAPCOM statement as such.
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Very enjoyable. :)

Very nice work!

Nice.  I recognize Gunrock from Power Stone, 2 P from Final Fight 2, and Captain Commando in the background.  Did I get all the references?
spacewolflord's avatar
I hear the intro music right now.
Thank you for sharing.
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I remember asking you if you did a Street Fighter II cover. About a year and a half later, I find out it wasn't you, but of someone with a similar name.
Good job on this. It really brings out the energy that modern Street Fighter gives
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Naughty:  That punch was aimed at nothing.  Seriously....

Nice:  The amount of cameos in the background....  lolz!  XD
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The thing I find striking about this is that in only two decades we live in a society where you'd have a devil of a time marketing a game with this sort of intro because some race hustler would immediately take offense just to try and shake the company down for money.
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