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Ni No Kuni-Oliver and Friends

So damn excited to play Ni No Kuni that i had to quickly draw something related.

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©Studio Ghibli

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Unfallen-Skies's avatar
wow, really well done
ArtTraveller77's avatar
Very expressive. I love this game.
danigaco's avatar
Awesome work! we shared it for all latinamerica in, of course all the credits are given, we hope you don't mind. Greetings :D
HeavyMetalHanzo's avatar
thats fine,thanks for the credit : )
girlstorm165's avatar
awwww! this just absolutely adorable! LOVE IT!!!!
girlstorm165's avatar
your quite welcome! :D (Big Grin) 
Gincario's avatar
This is awesome.
This makes me want to play this game even more!!
Oliver's gonna catch them al- i mean- befriend familiars :D
chibipunk7231's avatar
I love the wind filled cape action. Wonderful work on this! They are really falling into action! :D
HeavyMetalHanzo's avatar
Glad you like it ; )
chibipunk7231's avatar
^o^ Chee! Of course I did! :dance:
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santivill's avatar
great work man! i just got done playing it and m a little sad haha. It was a great game and reminded me of the JRPG's of the PS1/2 era and made me feel pretty nostalgic bout that time. fantastic game and fantastic artwork!
HeavyMetalHanzo's avatar
And i just started playing it and already loving every moment.
And thanks ; )
CoolSmiles101's avatar
Beautiful bright colours!! :D
I want this game so much!!
nemesisdestrodareal1's avatar
funny. back in the day jRPG's were quite a common, nowadays, you get something like this and it's so rare. I'm not mockin' or anything, the sad truth is, it's really hard to find game that isn't about gritty realism dominated by shades of grey and brown. I miss games like Okami so much....
HeavyMetalHanzo's avatar
Yeah there seems to be a lack of colors nowadays...
MCX86's avatar
That's what Western developed games are missing in my opinion.
In the West everything has to be gritty and brutal.
In Japan it's the opposite.
Most of the time, at least.
nemesisdestrodareal1's avatar
One more reason I support games like those - it's not about realism it's about creative approach to games and worlds they allow you to see and, you know, let your imagination go wild :)
HeavyMetalHanzo's avatar
ZehB's avatar
Excellent work, man!
Gray-Mecha-Fox's avatar
Really cool dude, nice colors too.
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