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Guardian Heroes

Commissioned by Phillip H. [link]

I never got around to play it when it first came out on the Sega Saturn,but its available now if you like gorgeous 2D sidescrolling Beat 'Em Ups.
Had fun with this one,enjoy m/

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You're not the only one, I didn't ether.
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I bought my 360 EXPLICITLY to be able to play this again
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Oh man, this was my game back in the day! Nicely done!
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Oh excellent ! On dirait Dragon's Crown ^^
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Merci : )
Faudra que je dessine Dragon's Crown un de ces jours.
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Oh man we're kindred spirits! I also just made a GH tribute! [link]
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Nice,your piece looks dope :beer:
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Coole arbeit die ich heute zusammen mit 3 anderen Beat em up fanarts auf GAHQ veröffentliche

Falls du lust hast darauf, ich habe mal wieder ein größeres art tribute projekt angezettelt, diesmal eins auf langzeit, das heißt ohne feste deadline und es kann immer weiter anwachsen. Es geht diesmal um beat em ups von den Klassikern wie Final Fight bis hin zu dem neuesten Dynasty Warriors oder God of War. Aufgaber der Künstler ist, zu versuchen das Spiel / oder eine Spielszene nachzuzeichnen/kreieren. Wenn du mal Lust drauf hast, einfach melden

Gruss gbk ^^
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One of the best Saturn games no doubt. Wish you were around back in the day so we could have these as game covers.
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Thanks man,i was around at the time,i just sucked at drawing then ; P
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I haven't played this game, but the characters look very interesting. Excellent job. Well done! :D
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Oh man, I remember playing this back in the old days!! One of the best beat'em ups I've ever played! :D
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amazing loved this game didnt think many other people played it nice work!!!
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Too good!amazing!
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This is amazing!
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i love this game, nice work!
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Ah my childhood :heart: Awesome tribute to it, I love it!
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