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Final Fantasy 7 Soldier Design t-shirt

I was commissioned by Tony T. to work on a T-shirt design based on Final Fantasy 7's Shinra,giving it a slight vintage communist propaganda poster style.
It's the first of a line of upcoming designs based on the Final Fantasy series.
If you're interested in purchasing one,please head on to Status Effects : [link]

For more info or if you have any questions,please head on to the Status Effects Facebook page: [link]

Thanks a lot for the nice comments,you guys 'n girls rock :horns:

Posters will very soon be available,stay tuned!

Final Fantasy 7 (c) Square-Enix

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Cloudyfan's avatar
Beautiful work, interesting an impressive subject ! ^^
LilantheRaine's avatar
is there a way i could get this as a poster? lol its awesome
SnowBanshee's avatar
ShinRa's propaganda at its finest. It fits. It fits in so many ways it hurts. 
ColdPizzaSavant's avatar
Love this. I just got into the FFVII fandom and universe (I know, I'm way late to the party) but I'm already working on an OC for it, a member of SOLDIER during events prior to the Before Crisis game. I know posters like this would get me signing up haha love it, look forward to seeing more :)
WoodSpider's avatar
Sephiroth was so cool... before all the Jenova driven madness set in...
Scorpion-Quest98's avatar
Woot x3 Sephiroth is awesome, that One Winged Angel
DavyWagnarok's avatar
This is one of the best things I've seen in a long time.
JohnathanRotten's avatar
Where do I buy and does it come in black
HeavyMetalHanzo's avatar
The first link on the description should take you there,but i think they re currently restocking so it might not be available at the moment.
Unfortunately i don t think they have it in black,just dark grey.
JohnathanRotten's avatar
good I can't wait till they restock id like to get one
XellsShadow's avatar
Wow,ultimative Propaganda! I would join if I could.
Great work,I like it much.
waikikamukau's avatar
I kike this very much. I need the shirt.
Robaato's avatar
YES! I always wanted to work for Shinra!
ZTBowza's avatar
This is so dope.
dongpants22222's avatar
Hell Yeah, I is gonna go get Mako Eyes
cycopompadour's avatar
u mind if i put this on my skateboard?
DeadontheLeftSide's avatar
DeadontheLeftSide's avatar
Saylsen17's avatar
can I please get this as a print? its so amazing <3
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