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Commissioned by Chris :beer:

His Youtube Channel: [link]

Copyright Konami
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Die, monster! You don't belong in this world! :D
Tamyres23's avatar
Richter >< Alucard <3
MeiMeiLovely's avatar
Solo un pequeño error , porque Alucard con una cruz, se le quema la mano al  tocarla, es por eso q usa espada o.o!! Pero de todas maneras
te quedo genial Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] 
wynn22's avatar
Fuck me hanzo, your compositions are beyond my ability to comprehend, I don't know how you plan such dynamism on such a consistent basis....FUCK! You make me want to be a better artist:)
HeavyMetalHanzo's avatar
Yo thanks,dude : )
Years or practice,man,i m still learning...
LeChatSarrat's avatar
So many layers of awesome!
djrunza's avatar
AMAZING! Shall add this into my favorite gallery. Castlevania FTW~ :D
GaramondBodoni's avatar
I love the palette you used!
Gunslinger-of-Hearts's avatar
Oh wow! This is beautiful. :icondragonhug:
Draconic1's avatar
Dracula and Shaft think they're a match for Alucard AND Richter... Oh I pity their ignorance. There is a lot of stuff going on in this picture. Nice job.
PixeledToast's avatar
Alright dude! This makes me so happy to see!!!!
shadowzabimaru's avatar
kyaaah!!!! soooo cool!!! i love the action in this!!! x3
shinragod's avatar
Extremely beautiful and dynamic. A find homage to my all time favorite game. Alucard looks more bad ass than ever showing that Holy Cross against shaft!
Youngfly1's avatar
"Gasp!" !!! Maaaaann. I'm defiantly putting this in my favs. GREAT WORK! This is Symphony of the Night Right! BEST... GAME... EV-VER!!!
SylvioWinters's avatar
viniciusalmeida's avatar
WOW!!!! really cool scene
KAINBANE's avatar
Alucard and Richter team!! The best Castlevania ever!!
RetroGamer3's avatar
Of course I love this one.
HeavyMetalHanzo's avatar
'Course you would! ;)
RetroGamer3's avatar
You would omg !
Can you make me look bad ass like your Snake pitcher?
Do you think I should be with or with out shades?
Is my 16 bit profile pic a good example of what you can use? If not I can send you whatever you need.
I have so many questions sorry. I'm just so excited !
Thanks soooooo much man.
Kiyosuki's avatar
If only Richter were this useful during the events of Symphony. :p

It looks really cool.
rocketxknighter's avatar
oooo richter my favourite belmont.

superb job metalhanzo :3
daemozelric's avatar
damn....that's amazing :wow:
el-vinas's avatar
simpy magnificent intrepretation ¡'¡¡¡
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