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tried out a bunch of shit and tools
leave a comment plz

plz like and reblogg…

wanna see the speedpaint?    <---click it

wallpaper version:  gonna have to stretch it
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I would need self-defense for first.
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What? Who, me?

Seriously cute. I love that mischievous smile of hers and is it just me or does it look like Pinkamena is hiding something?
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Her love
Her love of murdering you
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Well that does tie in to what I thought she was hiding: a knife.
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Oh yeah, You! Devilish 
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Drift nods his head"YOU HAVE-A NO HONOR!"
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I love pictures of Pinkamena! This looks amazing!
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This is awesome!
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Hahahh! Love that expression! :D :D :D
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this picture makes me feel better^^
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yes this was a positive comment XD
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Wow....theres a  pink textured highlight in her bright blue eyes! So pretty! x3
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