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I'm an aspiring a380 pilot!
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Child and Heir


Child and Heir

Campaign time was always stressful. In a six month period Angel would be expected to travel to all 50 states, some more than others. New York, California, Arizona, Iowa.... the only chance she had for a rest was the time she spent on the ground and even that was difficult. What with all the cameras around. Even in that briefest of stops on Charleston where press was minimal she couldn't rest. No, she had to set an example, appear strong for the young Moon who watched her every move even as the president praised the young 787s launch. So yes, campaign time was exhausting and Angel was not the young plane she used to be. Arriving in Seattle sh

Changing a 747-400 engine

Changing a 747-400 engine

Yesterday I took part in what had to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. We had to remove and change the number one engine on a Boeing 747-400. I helped raise the steel cradle into the engine so the bolts holding it to the  pylon could be removed. The thing is, the cradle was raised with chains and all four corners had to go up evenly and there were pins that had to line up with holes to support the engine. It was tedious and it took hours but we finally got the engine down right at the end of my shift. The next shift will have to do it all reverse to install the new engine and rob parts from the old engine to get it all done.

Skyfire: Winter (Part 6)


Skyfire: Winter (Part 6)

“Retirement?” Keys chortled, crossing her arms “You can’t be serious, Petey.” “I am.” Patriot had entertained the idea more than once in recent weeks. “Why?” “Keys, I’m 61 years old. I’m not getting any younger.” “No. But you are getting grumpier.” Patriot snorted, ruffling her silky brown hair. Hastily straightening it and retying the black ribbon, she shot the Warthog a reproachful glance. If there was anything that ruffled her feathers, messing up her carefully tied hair topped the list. “I guess that’s true.” he grinned. Keys shook
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- Hi, and welcome to my page! First of all, I'm a pilot! I'm still a student but my ambition is to become a commercial airline pilot and fly the a380. I am proud to be and currently part of the Australian Air Force Cadets to get my pilot's licence! I eat, sleep and breathe aviation. As well as being an aviation enthusiast, I'm also a hobbyist photographer, qualified Surf Life Saver and a budgie breeder. Oh yeah, I'm a metalhead too.

- If you watch me, I will watch you back

- I also Role Play. It can be any kind except for sexually explicit Role Plays. I'm just not comfortable with these. :) Note me if you wish we role play in notes :)

- I use this account mainly for living airplane art and some other things as well.

- I'll also use this account to post my photography as it is one of the things I enjoy doing.

- Nice and polite comments are always accepted

- My work may not be used without obtaining permission from me first. My work is not to be altered, copied, traced, modified or featured without my consent. Failure in doing so will result in punishment. My work will NOT be added to Facebook, Tumblr, etc. My work STAYS on DeviantArt and nowhere else. I've already dealt with this ^ and I don't want it happening again. Last of all, stealing or theft of my work will NOT be tolerated and that's that. If I find my work that's been uploaded to any of the accounts mentioned above, then I'll politely ask you to take the images down and report it to get it removed. I love those who like my work, but please don't steal, come up with your own ideas!

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Aircraft I have flown on:
-South African Airways airbus a340-200
-South African Airways airbus a340-600
-South African Airways airbus a320
-South African Airways boeing 747-400
-South African Airways boeing 737-800
-South African Airlink british aero RJ-100
-South African Express bombardier CRJ-200
-Virgin Australia boeing 737-800
-Virgin Australia airbus a330-200
-Air Austria airbus a330-200
-Air Mauritius airbus a330-200
-Air Mauritius airbus a319-100
-Air Mauritius Aérospatiale ATR-72
-Air Mauritius airbus a340-300
-Air New Zealand airbus a320D
-Air New Zealand boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
-Air New Zealand boeing 767-319ER

My top 5 favourite airliners:
-Airbus a380
-Boeing 747 (all variants)
-Boeing 787 Dreamliner
-Airbus a350
-Airbus a330

My top 5 favourite business/private aircraft
-Dassault Falcon 7x
-Bombardier Global 6000
-Gulfstream G650
-Embraer Phenom 300
-Embraer Legacy 600

Likes: Aviation, photography, art, water sport, outdoors, travelling, drawing, music, mathematics, cooking, ancient history, geography.

Dislikes: Rude people, noise, disruption from idiots in class, people stealing my work.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series, Classic Disney movies.
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How It's Made, Impossible Engineering, Megastructures
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Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Saxon
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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Series, Encyclopedias
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Minecraft, Infinite Flight
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Pencils, sketchpad, pastels, digital software
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Sculpture, survival, camping, special FX, planespotting


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Do you think the 777x is a logical replacement for the A380 and 747 for passenger service? Once the A380’s are withdrawn probably in the 2030’s (my best guess), the 777x might be perfect to fill in the gap it leaves behind. Large passenger capacity, long range, and less expensive to buy and operate. The same applies with 747’s. They’ll always need 747’s for the purpose of carrying freight, so they’re not going away entirely. But passenger service? The 777x might be it’s successor. That could lead to hundreds of orders in the coming years. The 777x isn’t in production yet and it already has over 300 orders, more than the A380 ever had. While Airbus lost a bundle on the A380, Boeing May have positioned themselves perfectly to take up the slack. Then again, no other plane satisfies passengers as well as an A380. What other plane has a bar, a lounge, and a shower for passengers? The A380 may be going out of production, but you can’t argue with its amenities.

In other news, we’ll be starting A checks on 747’s here in Cincinnati next month. So I’ll be seeing plenty of them.
HeavyMetal747Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmmm, I'm really not sure. I personally find the A380 much more comfortable than the 777 in terms of quietness, spaciousness and comfort because it's so large, something small aircraft just don't have. It'l be a pity if the A380 does go away, because it pleased every single passenger that's flown on it. 

As for the 747, it'll certainly be around for a while, in terms of the freighter versions. 
Speaking of 747’s, we have one in the hangar that’ll be there for a while. The gland nut on the left outboard landing gear strut is stuck. They tried everything to bust it loose. They even improvised tools. They were applying 1,100 pounds of force to the nut. Nothing. The nut is deformed now, so it’s hopeless. There was supposed to be a replacement strut on the way from the manufacturer in France, but the truck carrying the new strut somehow wound up in a ditch and the new strut was damaged. Now they’re looking for a new one somewhere here in the US. So the 747 is grounded and on the jacks until the new strut arrives and is installed. It takes up at least half the hangar space. The 767’s we put in behind it won’t fit all the way inside the hangar, so we have to open the hangar doors and stick the tails outside. Which isn’t ideal since it’s cold and it rained. We’re now stuck with an Atlas Air 747-400 that we don’t want, but can’t move. 
You would’ve been in 747 heaven on the flight line today. There were six 747’s here at once. -400’s and -8’s alike. And others were coming and going. I even got to go on one of the -8’s. First time I’ve ever been on a 747-8.
Passengers loved the A380, my parents flew on one to Australia. But sadly, that won’t be enough to save it. Economically, it’s not worth the investment anymore. Plus it’s sheer size limits where it can land and operate from. Airbus will never break even with the A380 program. Had the A380 been introduced in the 70’s with the 747, it could’ve had a long service life. If there was a freighter version, it would probably be around longer. Like it or not, twinjets like the 777, 787, and A350 are the future. Who knows? Because the 777x is larger than any other 777 before it, it may be quieter and fly more like a larger quadjet. We won’t know how good it is until it enters service.

And yes, the 747 will be around for many years to come. Perhaps as older 747 freighters age out, they’ll need to build new ones to replace them. The fact it was originally designed to be a freighter is helping the 747 stay useful and needed.
TerryTheFawnHobbyist Writer

After FA, here. Thanks again for the watch! ^^

HeavyMetal747Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!!