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So got kinda inspired to make a tumblr account thanks to two artists I rely admire having awesome tumblrs.....and spending spending most of last night on a Tumblr binge.
askwhirlwindthetaxipony.tumblr… feel free to follow me :)

....hmmmm so what now :/.

(goes and makes something to eat)
Coming soon....... :D

Crappy drawings..... coming soon after

Nicer drawings likely of Sparky aka Motion Spark, any of Flarettheunicorns OCs, and Whirlwind aka me.... coming after that.

but for now... I'm just gonna be lazy :P
yep its the battle between the two things that cause me the most trouble FIGHTS!

Or to explain it a bit more, I'm in a conflict on making art from the heart or from the brain

When I make something from the heart its usually for just one person I care about or perhaps people I want to open up and admit I care about but don't want to complicate stuff, I don't rely know myself.
But the only goal I want is to make the people I make these things for happy and smile, so I work my ass off to achieve it....... but for some reason I start to feel a bit sad after a while and get the impulse to make more which i begin fear my own feeling . :/

When I make something from Mr Brain here, Its something I know will be popular with passers by (usually a vector from an MLP episode or of a main character. Not being all that talented this is the easiest thing for me to do and I do love seeing my work get lot of faves and even seeing it get used else were. but I don't get the feeling I get from when I make something from the heart.

So maybe I should give my heart a chance...... despite the fact my brain knows the truth that if I follow I'll just be hurting myself worse and worse...... or maybe I'll cage up my heart to avoid pain all together. Considering my track record for following my heart ending in either rejection, getting treated like an object, getting neglected, getting dumped for being "too good" (seriously) and ending up back at square 1

And now I've notice that this has gone from my are to my life :/ bloody hell Echo you need to go one time with out doing this crap.

anywayz nice talking to you Journal, see you soon. I'm gonna go drown my sorrows or maybe just go to bed.
I'm no longer going to be doing any Vectors or anything else for that matter and I pretty much plan on letting my DA just die.

So that's that, honestly I was shocked I had quite a few watchers (honestly don't think I deserved any).
Objectives of the day
-watch Keep Calm and Flutter on
- get a high quality screen shot of the Gentlemen Discord scene
-Vector Trace

Lets do this *puts head band on *
I hope you all had a fun end to 2012 and a great start for 2013, I know I sure am
NOW! .....plz