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So, lately I've been losing my soul to Devil Daggers. An arena survival FPS with an old-school Quake-ish vibe, by Australia-based Sorath.

The game is brutal in a way that it throws you directly into the action and you'll learn and master it by dying. Alot. Because with the exception of the floor and the gems you pick up, everything else will kill you instantly. Motivation comes from constantly trying to beat your own highscore. (I recommend you only check out replays of people on your level or slightly above you. Watch DraQu set the world record and you'll fall into a deep depression after you realize that Hell is real and that you suck at trying to beat it)

Anyway, I shared the thought on IG that I'd be cool to "frag" a skull once personal highscores kept getting broken, so I'm sharing first blood from my latest (273.6439s) run ;)
 Not too shaby, managed to get to the twin centipedes.

These little skully assholes offer little trouble by themselves, however, they'll always spawn in considerable swarms, thus why you get "SWARMED" when the buggers get you.
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