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G36K 'Jormungandr' + AG36

By HeavyBenny
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Finally, in terms of exterior and looks, my trust-worthy G36 is complete. She went through a whole lot of modding before taking up this form, but I'm extremely satisfied with the final result.

Before you ask, let me enlighten you in some laws regarding replicas over here. I already did in another deviation, but this one reflects the law "in flesh". A replica classified as an AEG (which is determined by components and muzzle velocity),must be painted as so. Stocks and barrel tips in fluorescent, bright colors to indicate they're not real. This obviously sucks for several reasons. Breaks camouflage, you get easily spotted when playing and it plainly ruins the look and realism of the gun that cost you quite some cash. We can't exchange parts for non-painted ones but we can, however, cover them up with some tape, for example. I guess that in the end, it's better than being prohibited to play Airsoft at all.

With that said, shall we continue?

You might think that without the GL and the top rail, this would be a pretty standard conversion to do. It wasn't, since this baby started off as a G36C-M, by JG, which is basically a C with a STANAG adapter and yet another adapter for compatibility with buffer tubes and therefore, AR-style stocks.

I've had the AEG for about two years now and this project took her her last year. It is my first and still is my finest replica today, with no breaks or let-downs. (I gotta confess, I take really good care of her :P).

Fortunately, HK developed this weapon in a modular fashion, so its Airsoft counterpart isn't too hard to modify to your taste. First step was getting a longer inner barrel accompanied by a K handguard. After that was the standard stock, the 3x scope/carry-handle and the also standard magwell. My demise was seeing some KSK, BW and Formoza pics with the AG36 40mm launcher installed in their G36s, ahah! After some more research I finally decided the final look I wanted and what sort of role I'd like it to perform. Finding the handle (with the RIS unit) was a pain or too expensive, so I made one myself using some of my dad's bicycle screws. Perfect fit, the 552 slides right on! Finally, picked up the S&T GL and a round for it in some great discounts at Gunfire and finished with some Krylon Khaki and Brown along with some finishing, for that desert-arid look.

Throughout this process, she saw the wizardry hand of my airsoft mechanic buddy, who gave her a overall revision, tuning and some minor upgrades, mainly concerning gearbox stuff and electrics. The cherry on top will be a 11.1v battery, which she can now take thanks to the mosfet and perhaps a metal hop unit just for structure since there's a fantastic R-Hop installed.

I won't lie to you. This replica isn't for everyone. Although she's a K, there's a reason I named her after the northern mythological "world serpent", Jörmungandr. The gun is not that long, but it is rather heavy (around 4,5Kg), cumbersome and tall. I needed to get a really good sling because of this. For someone that's used to the regular G36s or plastic-body AEGs, it might feel like too much of a beast. However, I love it and I'm absolutely pleased with the result. (I'll take advantage and work out while playing, ahah!)

Please, feel free to ask whatever you might want to know, comment and share your opinion! :)
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Luckymarine577Hobbyist Digital Artist
interesting law, sounds similar to UKARA 2007 Act. If you don't have a UKARA membership in the UK. The gun has to be painted 51% a bright colour. She is a very nice G36! I to use a grenade launcher 
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HeavyBennyProfessional Interface Designer
You're correct! But that's a plus in my book. You have a chance to have you replica looking completely "clean". In Portugal, even with a license, it must still abide these laws.

I'm glad you liked her, and yes, grenade launchers are always a cool add-on to have. ;)
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Luckymarine577Hobbyist Digital Artist
its a shame, i am lucky to live in country that says its ok to not have the orange tip barrel 
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BoomBoomBraddahHobbyist Photographer
Camo or black tape will solve the florescent problem while playing... just don't get caught. That's the point of it hiding anyway isn't it?  just raises the stakes for the game.
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HeavyBennyProfessional Interface Designer
Exactly, the point is, the paint kinda breaks that game. But yes, we mostly use cloths and those reusable camouflaged self-binding tapes.
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well, these laws regarding paint in airsofts seriously do suck. here in brazil, you don't need to paint the stock, but the muzzle must be always bright red/orange. totally ruins camouflage. in fact, laws are so stupid here that when transporting it, you must keep it in a bag, with a cover over the muzzle and far from your reach. as if you could kill someone with an airsoft gun.

but this is some really awesome work. digging the camouflage, EOtech and grenade launcher. 
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HeavyBennyProfessional Interface Designer
Keeping it out of sight is understandable. People who are not informed or can't really tell the difference between them could get startled. I guess it is also a way or making things easier for the authorities. If we could at least have the orange tips, like you guys and your northern neighbors do, it would help and would only take a quick flash hider swap.

Anyways, I'm glad you like it, I'm digging it too. Can't wait to put some more BBs flying with her! :P
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yeah, hiding it in public is a good idea. about the orange tips though, they must stay in all the time, even while playing - you can't take it off, swap it or even cover it with something. 

and the thing is, here the government is so anti-guns in general and the people so alienated they are planning on banning everything that could ever resemple a gun, and that includes nerfs and even water guns. things are starting to get ridiculous.
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