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Brief: The product to be featured is from its line of packaged cheese. The photographic approach should have strong appetite appeal and through the use of light and props convery a visual sense of the past or the future.

Part of my 1st Yr Photography studio assignments! Would appreciate all comments!

Large Format Camera, 180mm Lens
Kodak Ektachrome 64T
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great composition! great lighting! i want to be there, eating that cheese! Looks great with the border, really gives it impact.
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:drool: That looks frickin' delicious... Is it Gorgonzola?
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Hahahah after being in that light for 4 hours, nooo not very delicious! Hahah
Sorry it was so long ago im not sure what cheese it was =D
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Nice things: colour and focus are great - this coming from someone who loves blue cheese. :)

But something is missing. We see so many pictures of cheese that usually contain a knife, breadboard, crackers/bread (and fruit) that there may be an expectation to continue seeing such things but I'm not sure that's what's necessarily missing.

Prop suggestions (considering the theme):
A fondu in the background and a very obviously wooden cutting board.
Setting the cheese on a stainless steel plate with matching knife sitting on a checkered table cloth.
Food- the fruit bowl is very classic but the choice of fruit could be changed: tropical fruits along with some dryish type of bread...I don't know so much about food and wine but that's an avenue worth exploring for contrasts. :)
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Awesome. I dont like those kinds of cheese so meh. Lols. But it looks so gorgous. *3*
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Certainly has some high appetite-appeal. :D

Very nice. I like the focusing you chose, with the very soft background, and the lighting as well. Having it predominately come from behind, but from the right-side a little as well, creates some comforting tones and shadows, and, I feel, aids the focus-choice.

As for past or future sense... Not exactly sure... It does somewhat make me think on past holidays at home, even though I don't associate cheese with any them, so perhaps it does succeed in the goal of that?

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