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“...and then, I have nature and art and poetry,
and if that is not enough, what is enough?”
~ Vincent Van Gogh

:bulletred: Guidelines: :bulletred:

Joining as a member is not automatic, admins will vote after checking your gallery to see you have at least 3 images suitable for this group.

We try to portray nature as realistic as possible and in natural settings.

We ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:
  • deviantART's policies
  • All media is allowed
  • Fractals that are clearly recognisable as something in nature
  • All work must be nature oriented
  • Only fruits and vegetables in natural state
  • Nature MUST be the focus, man made objects and structures should not be.
  • Birds at feeders and birdbaths are allowed
  • Pets indoors and outdoors are allowed
  • All work should be original
  • All work should be your best

The following will not be accepted:
    (We will always give you a reason if we decline your image)
  • Fantasy creatures
  • Cartoon style drawings
  • Animal cruelty, injured or dead animals
  • Animals eating other animals
  • People in art or photography
  • Cuisine - Food that has been cooked
  • Man-made structures as the focus
  • Animals and birds that are obviously caged - we shouldn't be able to see bars, fences or cages around them
  • Cemeteries
  • Watermarks and signatures which obscure the pictures
  • Comics
  • Abstract art
  • IR Photography
  • Photo-manipulations
  • Mature content
  • Please remember we are not a documentary
  • Poor quality will be declined

Submissions -
Submit 3/day to Submissions and we will redirect your art to the correct folder.

We welcome any questions, so please feel free to note the group :)


Gallery Folders

Nice shapes by BlackCatArtDA
Secretarybird by Berlin-Steglitz
Saaren Musta by mabuli
Pagan Poetry by Essential-Insanities
WHAT THE F by dessinateur777
HugFox by dessinateur777
Two horses, one photo by Cyklopi
Animals - Amphibians
Happy by AdrianGoebel
A frog by chetje
Frog in a garden pond I by rosaarvensis
Bearded dragon by Hitodenashi23
Animals - Aquatic
Hermit crab by mossagateturtle
European spider crab by mossagateturtle
Tiny Fish 2 by Marigold95
Tiny Fish by Marigold95
Animals - Big Cats
siberian tiger by InsanityPants
Rocky Mountain ghost by KlaraDrielle
Pretty Girls Everywhere by Mouselemur
relaxed kitty by InsanityPants
Animals - Butterflies and Moths
queen of the world by Nimbue
Finally a male by PapierowySzczur
Blue Morpho butterfly by Sia-Mon
Owl butterfly by Sia-Mon
Animals - Cats
Snowflake by VasiDragos
Titou 10 by Ghislaine-L
Prim and Proper Sam and Tabitha by Okavanga
Tabitha and Sam - Who's the Boss? by Okavanga
Animals - Chipmunks and Squirrels
Black Squirrel by Defelozedd94
Squirrel 2 by Berlin-Steglitz
Have A Break by callmenotwo
What a surprise 3 by ratinrage
Animals - Dogs
Bald mexican dog by Cyklopi
In the Forest by kiwipics
Curious Akita by Cyklopi
Snowy Angel by floatingnemophilist
Animals - Farm
Grass-busters by Cyklopi
feeling sheepish by Gods-Creation
Strange Animal ... (Inspired By Atom Heart Mother) by skarzynscy
Inspecting the youth by Cyklopi
Animals - Invertebrates
Sharing a bindweed flower by Sia-Mon
Animals - Horses
Cute family by Cyklopi
Animals - Mammals
Youngster and his mom by Cyklopi
Animals - Pets
Kitten by Skaldur
Animals - Reptiles
Jurassic park Miniaturized by Cyklopi
Art - Animals
Wolf Portrait IX - Ice Blue Eyes by BeckyKidus
Art - Artisan
Untitled by YuliaLeonovich
Art - Birds
When Normandy seagulls take off by lil-skyline
Art - Black and White
These hostile woods... by thewolfcreek
Art - Flowers
Art - Landscapes
Evening's whisper of the river by rollarius55
Art - Nature
Fireflies by Defelozedd94
Art - Nature Fractals
Seahorse by marijeberting
Black and White Photography
Cold wave... by thewolfcreek
Holidays - Christmas
Shining Star by Lumimyrskydawn
Holidays - Easter
Fabulous Chicks by DasFarbspiel
Holidays - Eid
Eid Mubarak!! by chikuQ
Holidays - Valentine's Day
Happy Valentines Day 2019 by MT-Photografien
Nature - Berries and Nuts
XXI by AlejaOlch
Little Sparrow by Skaldur
Nature - Cactus and Succulents
San Pedro cactus by Sia-Mon
Nature - Fruits and Vegetables
Indian market by KlaraDrielle
Nature-Fungi,Moss, Lichens
Nice shapes by BlackCatArtDA
Nature - Geology and Shells
Passage by callmenotwo
Nature - Misc Plants
beauty is simple... by EdinaBaltas
Nature - Seeds
almost adrift by prettyflour
Nature - Trees
Welcome by Trichardsen
Nature - Landscapes
Abendsonne by callmenotwo
Nature - Skyscapes
summer evening by Dieffi
Nature - Water Droplets
Summer Showers by EveryNextDream
Nature - Waterscapes
Saaren Musta by mabuli
Seasons - Autumn
Waterloo Park: Autumn Trees 3 by Coigach
Seasons - Spring
Spring collage by ainessa
Seasons - Winter
Icy Morning by MouseBadgerPhotos
Weather - Fog and Mist
Misty lakescape V by mabuli
Weather - Storms and Rainbows
Kansas Monster by NC-StormChaser
News from Affiliated Groups
How to submit images to groups in DA by BGai


If your art has been requested & you aren't already a member, please consider joining us, we'd love to have you!

Amphibians and Reptiles

Thu Jul 18, 2019, 8:07 PM
Corallus hortulanus by nakkimo


A selection of some beautiful creatures from out galleries of Reptiles and Amphibians. We hope that you will enjoy them.

Delta by MGreinerArt

Smile. by wolftraz

mini dragon by burcyna

Panther Chameleon by Monkeystyle3000


Floki by AngiWallace

Gecko by Hitodenashi23

Frog by AdrianGoebel

Iguana ~ wallpaper by VasiDragos

Clown Tree Frog - Dendropsophus leucophyllatus by ColinHuttonPhoto

Lemur leaf frog by AngiWallace

Hanging OUT by xin-e

Corallus hortulanus by nakkimo

Toad by enaruna

Phelsuma madagascariensis by nakkimo

Frog. by Alik-Volga

Corallus hortulanus by nakkimo

Quack quack! by PhotoDragonBird

Day Gecko by nakkimo

0967 Tree frog by RealMantis

Peacock frog pond reflections by AngiWallace

Veiled chameleon by Maria-Schreuders

Twins by AngiWallace

Green Tree Frog by PaigeMillsArt

Happy by AdrianGoebel

Skin by Dan Leveille

A Question about Groups and Eclipse

Mon Jun 3, 2019, 1:55 AM
I'm interested to get the opinions of people so please leave comments with what you think. NOT just comments bagging Eclipse please - although I probably feel the same way that's not what this is about.

Nothing has really been said yet by DA about how groups will operate under Eclipse.

My group :iconheavens-on-earth: is up for renewal for super group status.

Donations through my points widget have been really slow meaning I will have to pay for most of it if I renew.

I have several groups up for renewal in the next 6 months. It's going to be really expensive for me personally to do them all.

Is it going to be worth it? Should I bother?

It would be great if someone who knows would say something - hint hint - spyed danlev Heidi tagged as the 3 main people I've seen commenting with some actual knowledge - and I've read every official journal I can but have seen almost nothing about groups.

If I can't get an official response - can anyone direct me to anything that has been said officially?

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