Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux! - Vol. 7

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What are these UF challenges?
How do challenges work and how can I participate?
Can I help promoting the challenges in some way?
What if I have an idea for a future challenge?

You can find all this information and more in the Ultra Fractal challenges FAQ, which is also part of our very first UF challenge, the one for February 2011.
If you already know the rules, then you're good to go - read on for this month's challenge!

Previous editions:

You can find all of the previous challenges in this journal. Please keep in mind that the challenge rules changed after the 26th edition!

Links to ALL UF challenges (updated periodically!)Since the UF challenges are growing in number, instead of linking them all in each new one, I thought I'd make a collection journal for all of them. This will contain all challenges held so far, from the newest (top) to the oldest (bottom), all conveniently thumbed for you! It will also be updated each month so that ALL challenges are reachable from here, even the newer ones. And this journal will of course be linked in every challenge, to keep them all connected :aww:
Here we go!

Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux ~ Vol. 48 by heavenriver
Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux! Vol. 47 by heavenriver
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Ultra Fractal monthly Challenges Redux ~ Vol. 40 by heavenriver

Now we can go on with the last challenge's results, and then I will introduce this month's challenge to you all.

Here is the July challenge, themed "Gnarled Grunge", and the deviations I've picked as the winners!
(Please note: do not feel offended if you're not in the top three. Winners are chosen basing on their way of representing the challenge theme, and I always try to be as impartial as possible while judging.)

First place goes to theaver with:

Grungy peace by theaver

The perfect depiction of grunge - coffe-coloured stains of dirt, which reminisce of the musical grunge movement. The convoluted patterns are especially interesting and guide the eye throughout the composition.

Second place goes to BlurWing with:

Gnarled Grunge by BlurWing

Because we all know there's order in chaos, and the prominent yet apparent axis symmetry that rules this fractal echoes the green-brown colour balance with yellow touches. Rudimental in the most positive possible way.

Third place goes to Paddlin-Maddlin with:

Gnarled Green Grunge by Paddlin-Maddlin

Acid green and dark purple blend together in a cup of gnarltastic poison coffee that's just impossible to resist!

This challenge was especially difficult to pick winners with and I'd have loved to choose other wonderful fractals from all our great entrants!

Tigers by Jimpan1973 Gnarly Orbit Traps by SuicideBySafetyPin Fire and Ice by jim373 Change by OutsideFate :thumb220711351: The Dead Leaf Echo by FractalEuphoria Fever gnarl by zesk8 :thumb228683947: Dead Cities by timemit

We're done for July. On to August!

Ultra Fractal monthly challenges Redux

Challenge #07: August 2011

August's challenge will be a Theme challenge - its title being Escher Reminiscence!

As probably all of you know already, Maurits Cornelis Escher was an extremely inspiring artist, possibly one of the most influential for the fractal art movement.
Our purpose this month is to create good tribute artwork for him - in Ultra Fractal, of course! Feel free to try and recreate his style (you can find many of his works all over the web) or make it your own, focus on other optical illusions, give three-dimensionality to monochrome works... everything goes, as long as it's Escher-like.
You can find lots of great op art examples over dA as well:

Geometric Design by ajbluesox Geometric Landscape by blue-brandon :thumb167911266: Mayflower Pier by seasonaldragon1 Trial by madbaumer37 Geometric Painting Color by lorienelf :thumb211226480: Geometric by Danwyx perspective by puppa-deeney A shape by Seattlantis

Also, here are some geometric fractals for your inspiration!

Tangent Plane by heavenriver Deco Echo by ersi -UnTrue- by silwenka Fortress by Sophquest Meet The QBerts by f--l--A--r--k 20040520 by s31415 Dodecahedron by PimpcessTyna Enter Sandman by magnusti78 Busted Pinwheel by VisMajor

Remember: to enter the challenge, post your deviation's link and thumb in a comment of this journal.

This challenge's deadline is August 31st, 2011. Ready, set, GO!!! :eager:
© 2011 - 2021 heavenriver
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Paddlin-Maddlin's avatar
Sorry, I'll get this bit right eventually...promise. [link]
heavenriver's avatar
Ah well, it happens right? :lmao: You're in, thank you.
Paddlin-Maddlin's avatar
OK Alice, here's my entry. Very last minute because I've been studying lately and not had much time to play. :rofl: Here it is :thumb255319703:
dabluetouch's avatar
This is my entry for the contest =)

[link] :thumb255178694:

Absolutely loved the idea of using Escher as the contest basis :thumbsup:
heavenriver's avatar
Added :D Thank you.
dabluetouch's avatar
BlurWing's avatar
Here's my Escherisk entry for Challenge #07: August 2011 Escher Reminiscence!: [link] :thumb253632696: :iconlawooplz:
heavenriver's avatar
Very Escherisk, as you say. Thanks!
theaver's avatar
Here is my entry for the esher challenge: [link]
heavenriver's avatar
Perfect, thank you :D
timemit's avatar
here you go :) [link] :thumb253056534:
heavenriver's avatar
Great, you're in!
snow-valkyrie's avatar
Here is my submission for the challenge. ---> [link]
Gerda1946's avatar
This is my August entry: [link] :thumb251723968:
heavenriver's avatar
Added, thank you!
Gerda1946's avatar
Jimpan1973's avatar
My submission for the Escher challenge. [link] :thumb251388352:
fractalinda's avatar
All great entries and congratulations to theaver, BlurWing and Paddlin-Maddlin for placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively.
heavenriver's avatar
Thanks! I hope to see your entry in this challenge.
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