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Ultra Fractal texture pack: 50

If you like my works, please come visit my Facebook page! :aww:

Here's a texture pack for you fellow fractalists!

This .rar archive contains 50 textures for use in Ultra Fractal, both in .upr and in .txt form (you can open the first one directly, or copy-paste the text of the other to your fractal window for it to load) plus the preview image you can see here on dA. Download WinRAR or another similar program to open the archive, in case you don't have one yet.

These textures come in different looks and aspects. For convenience, I split them into eight parameter sets, so that your UF doesn't crash upon loading each group. Four main types of textures are included, and they are as follows:
- SFBMII textures: includes textures made with SFBMII. They're split into three sub-groups: one is for cloud, sand, rock and pebble-like textures; another one is filigree and embossed textures; lastly, the "turbulent" group includes more realistic terrain textures and a few other slopes. Warning: these groups are quite slow loading, especially the "turbulent" one.
- Texture OCA textures: includes textures made with the Texture colouring algorithm. They're mostly soft and smooth, good for making clouds, shaded areas, or marbles. May not work with Ultra Fractal prior to version 5, as the classes system is used to make such textures.
- Gnarl textures: includes textures made with gnarl, or gnarl-like formulas. Most of them clearly recall gnarl patterns; others use gnarls as a base to develop more interesting shapes. They're split into two sub-groups: glyph textures, made with a glyph formula, and dynamic hypercomplex textures, made with the Dynamic Hypercomplex formula.
- Bonus patterns: includes textures made with various colouring algorithms and mappings mixed together. Effects range from glassy looks to checkerboard tiles, from triangle shapes to rainfall textures... there's a bit of everything there. Watch out for interesting shapes that may add something to your fractals.

Most textures have some very basic parameter changes, that create interesting effects nevertheless. Feel free to use each one of them "as is", combine them, or tweak them as much as you like. Just three rules ;P
- Please link this texture pack in your deviation's description
- Please do not redistribute elsewhere without my permission
- Please link any work you make with my textures in a comment on this deviation (optional, but I always appreciate it a lot :aww:)

Here's a few examples of fractals I made with these textures!

And that's all! Other than that, have fun with my textures and feel free to leave feedback, it's always very welcome. I hope you'll like this resource. Thanks for reading and happy fractaling!

For other fractal resources, tutorials, gradient packs and more from me, please visit my Fractal Resources folder!
© 2011 - 2021 heavenriver
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Thx for sharing:wave: :wave: :wave:

Dear Heaven River,

Your textures are beautiful. I'm new to Ultra Fractal and am working through Janet Parke's class. Thank you for making there textures available. I don't understand how to download them and place them in Ultra Fractal.


Riki Metz
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Hi! Do you know how to open a fractal parameter file (.upr)? You are basically supposed to do that, and you will find several layers, each with one texture. Then you can copypaste (or drag and drop) these layers onto your fractals and change the merge modes to make them into textures. I hope that helps :)
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Not even sure how to use it yet.. BUT I will :D find  a way and commend;refer with each piece
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No problem! Hope you make something good with it :)
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Beautiful, thank you for sharing :hug:ss
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No problem. Hope you make something good with it :D
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I used your marble texture again here: New Mexico

Thank you, again, Silver!  :hug:
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Also seen this! Thanks again!
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Used one of your marble textures here: Simple and Delicate

Thanks again.:iconflowerthnxplz:
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Seen it! Thanks for sharing!
SiennaBlue's avatar
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My pleasure! Glad to see this is useful for someone :nod:
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I used one of the textures from this pack in this…. Thank you for sharing!
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Ooh, nice! Thank you :nod:
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I will check them out. Thanx for sharing your talents and time! :clap:
Well done! :D
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No problem, and you're welcome :D
I love your fractals and would love to d/l the texture pack, but I can't find the download page. Would you be so kind as to tell me where it is.
Thank you so much.
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It's downloadable from the deviation page, the one you just commented on! Look to the right, below "Print Not Enabled", and then below the related deviations - there's the "Download File" option. It's a .rar archive. :nod:
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Hi Alice, I used one of your textures for this fractal:
Thank you very much! :hug::heart:
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Thanks for showing me! Nice fractal :nod:
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Thanks to you, Alice!!! :heart:
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Hi Alice, here is that image I made using some of these textures. It's titled "Let Me See Your Geometry". Thank you so much for all that you do!

Let Me See Your Geometry
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No problem! Commented :D
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