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August 10, 2015
Kinte by heavenriver
Featured by C-91
Suggested by ThoughtWeaver
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Edit on August 10th, 2015

And that's YET ANOTHER DD and... exactly like the previous one, I received it because ThoughtWeaver suggested it, and C-91 featured it.

You people have no clue how happy this makes me! Actually, maybe you do. Because I told you last time. Well, let me reiterate that this is awesome and you are awesome for doing it. :D

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Been a while since my last S.F.B.M. / Gnarl abstract!
Following on with my conlang theme, this one is titled "discover[y]". I'm still working on the relationship between verbs and nouns, so this is a verb and also potentially a noun. :P
I changed the palette to something as unusual as possible for my usual chromatic style, which is largely made of blue (the chromatic opposite of orange). I've had a lot changing in my life in recent times, some of which has been destabilising at first, but it's slowly settling into something positive for a change. :)
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600, 900, 60, 90, 6, 9.

69. Nice.

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This is so good, thank you for sharing!
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Great work! I really like the colours and the gradient from colourful to black and white!
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Nice! Me likes! Clap 
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Cool and modern piece of art!
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It`s so fresh and positive!
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Such detail! Like the compotition!
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Absolutely brilliant execution, especially on the abstract pattern and the choice of complementary colors that clash, making for an interesting art piece that both makes sense and makes no sense at all. The pattern also makes me think -- what does it have to do with discovery...? Definitely worth a Daily Deviation.

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Thanks, I really appreciate your observations :D
The discovery part was about the usage of contrasting colours that I haven't used before. As I mentioned in the description, I typically use blue, and I made a strong use of orange (its chromatic opposite) here. Which, in a way, means discovering new palettes. That was the idea :)
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You are very welcome!
Oh, so that is what the 'Discovery' means -- discovering a new use of contrasting colors. The complementary colors of orange and blue, for example.
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Something more along the lines of discovering what I hadn't used, nor was used to, before (orange), which is the complete opposite of what lies in my comfort zone (blue). But basically, yes, you're right. :D
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Oh, I see. Thank you for telling me! :)
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