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Crucial Matter

By heavenriver
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Ultra Fractal 5.04

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Sometimes we just fail to understand the importance of considering the simple things... like cherishing that we're alive, healthy, and well loved.

Very obviously inspired by this super awesome artwork:

Gossamer Fragments by OutsideFate

Thanks for being such a great abstract fractals muse, Misha! :glomp:

P. S.: this is a personal challenge of mine: making a 10-layer fractal with just the Pixel formula and the Gradient colouring algorithm. It's all mappings in there! :D

See also my collection of UF abstracts.
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This picture definitely looks like you put in a lot of effort and time! My first thought about this was water droplets, or maybe bubble wrap for some reason. The way you coloured it is a work of art in itself, you never cease to amaze me. I love all the different sizes of circles, it gives the picture the effect of movement. The swirl at the center of the picture gives the picture a look of captured movement, like all the blocks are packed together and the one at the center is trying to move them all. I've been sitting here for awhile trying to see what the pictures in the background are, the fine details are completely eye capturing. I only have one question: what's going on in the top right corner? It turns into solid yellow, very different from the varied shape and colour of the rest of the picture. In any case, a wonderful piece.
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The top right corner accidentally slipped out of control - any other combination would give more solid colour than this one, so I had to compromise. :blush: Thank you very much again for your words! :aww:
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:) it's a lovely piece of art , and the corner worked out well for a compromise. always good to see your work!
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i like this one! great work..
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Thank you again!
Thank you for making the entry into my room a little more confusing :D
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Oh, then it was you who bought that! Thanks to YOU for showing it to me :D Nice room!
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:nod: All fractal artists do, although you don't need to know the math behind what you do - you "just" need to know how to use a program. It's a bit like vector graphics in that regard: the mathematical principles behind it are complex, but so long as you can handle the tools and shade well, you can be a vector artist without being a mathematician.
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wow. x i`m a total beginner and I hope one that day i`ll be able to create similar art. I am grateful for work this this because it brings divinity out and makes it Obvious! wd. ! x Much Love! 
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This one just draws you in. I love the spiral in the center and all the different square shapes. Fav'd!
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Thank you very much! :D
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Can i click more than one time on Favorite button? ahahah xD
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... wow...
I love the colours and i like the way the pattern looks like square bubbles. In the center it looks like there is a set of stairs. I also get the impresion that the center is a whirlpool and the rest is froth and bubbles coming from the center.
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Yes, the center is in fact a spiral! And I like the whirlpool effect. :nod: Thank you! :aww:
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no problem, as i always say if you got something nice to say, always say it
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This is glorious! Such coloring!
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Wow! I really love the colour. Great design!
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