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Battle On The World's Treshold

Something new from me. Most detailed piece i have ever done.
Made the terragen about 3 months ago but didn't find time to work on it until now.
It took me much more time than usual and i have learned a lot of new stuff.


-World Machine

Hope u like it.
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Looks like a pretty good sky battle, I better go get my Fock Wulf fw 190, cause I don't wanna miss out on this.

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super!! tale avionček mi je še posebi ušeč :P ...res lepo ;)
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zelo lušno :)!
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The composition of this is really great. It's really detailed and captures the chaotic mood that comes with dogfighting.
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That's so nicely done.
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very nice work! But I don't like that weird nebula thing around the small planet in the upper part and the texture of the big planet is improveable, but anyway a very nice piece :thumbsup:

looks like the eagles are going to win against the warfighters :P

p.s.: incredible landscape :wow:
very nice indeed, I always suck at terragen =(
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thanks for advices :)


i only have few good moments in terragen otherwise i suck as well ^^
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let's make a group called "the ts - terragen suckers" =P
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master piece HD :) *fav :P
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wow. that is sooo amazing a picture. really awesome work. and there's so much detail to look at ... splendid!
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