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Alaviera and Ohnyria were neighboring countries which living in peace for generations and disposed to help each other. The territory they shared was an island located far from the continent, so they had virtually no contact with it. A territory that was independent and had its own beliefs. All people knew that the Goddess Erisonii watching over them. She was the mistress of Peace, Art and Light, but also of the Shadow.
The two countries had a shrine sheltering a gem: a sapphire for Alaviera and a ruby for Ohnyria. These gems have a protective role and were the guarantors of peace. There's two invisible force fields around both states, preventing those who wanted to move from one country to another to do so without permission. Each individual was linked to one of the gems: protected by one and reject by the other.
Only ten persons were not affected by this distinction, leaving them leisure to go at will from one country to another. Of these ten, five were from Alaviera and five other from Ohnyria. They were respectively nicknamed the Sapphire's Clan and the Ruby's Clan. Their main task was to ensure the balance of the territory.
If at first glance this seemed suitable to everybody, in fact some people felt like prisoner. Although life was the same from one side or the other, the prohibition on mixing weighed a lot and the desire to get to know their neighbor became bigger and bigger through the years.
And one day the ruby of Ohnyria was stolen. This was the worst betrayal that existed. And there was no doubt that this was one of the members of the Sapphire's Clan who committed this despicable act. But they denied and the gem was not found. Tensions increased and finally reached the inevitable: war broke out. Onhnyria had taken care to send the Ruby's Clan to Alaviera for steal their gem, thus preventing him from enjoying a considerable advantage. The two clans clashed with rage, while the two countries sank into chaos and flames.
Then one day, Erisonii came among humans with the ruby of Ohnyria in her hands. The Light had been swept by the tiny fraction of  Shadow she had created, in all innocence. Attracted by the bright red stone, she could not help taking it. Devastated by what she had caused, she handed the gem to its owners before disappearing forever.
The act of the Goddess had deeply injured the people of both countries, so that both of them ceased to worship Erisonii. Peace returned gradually, and then one day it was decided that the gems should be destroyed. Only their presence had helped to destroy the peace. Finally, after several years, residents of Alaviera and Ohnyria forgave their Goddess and things became again exactly as before, or almost ... The two nations formed one and giving birth to Alaria.

The End.
SunshineRachael Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010  Student General Artist
wow so beautiful (Zifa btw)
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