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Affliction -English- by heavenly09 Affliction -English- by heavenly09

Tifa and Squall were a happy family with their daughter Marlene. Squall was a SEED in the pay of the BGU and often had to go out for his work. Until recently nothing had come disrupt their small quiet life given rhythm by the missions of the man of the house.
But a strange small group came to upset all this. Conducted by a witch in the tremendous powers, the persons who joined the rows of this sectarian group became violent little by little . Eager for change, they made listen their voices by leading diverse terrorist actions through the globe.
The army, the members of the SEED of all Gardens and the SOLDIERS of the Shinra corp. were alternately sent to try to eradicate the opponents and the witch. This last one, confined in a well guarded manor, never participated in attacks, but as she was in the head of the operations it became urgent to eliminate her.
A group of SEED, whom Squall had joined, went to the manor and managed to reach the witch after having killed the majority of the present guards on the scene. But the witch was not alone and, while they listened to the conversation which she maintained with a man with the silvery hair, they realized that it was only another puppet and than the true leader was this man. The presence of the SEEDs was finally discovered and they engaged in a fight.
After only some minutes the man launched a lightning attack which destroyed a part of the manor. The SEEDs rested on the ground, died. Squall was the only one who was miraculously alive, although seriously injured and incapable to move away. The witch disappeared in a brilliant flash whereas the leader approached the young man. At first he wanted to put an end to the life of this parasite, but he decided finally to throw him a spell which would plunge him into a profound coma for some days. When he would be awake, a life of despair will begin for him

Present (video):

Squall woke up, assailed by the images of a woman. This woman, Rinoa, was everything for him and she was in danger. However, he ignored where she was. But this was normal because she has never exist.
Here are thus the effects of the spell which the man to the silvery hair had thrown. Squall remembered a whole life that he had never lived: his meeting with Rinoa, the moments spent with her. These false memories him drove crazy of despair. To the great displeasure of Tifa, shocked that her husband speaks to her of another woman and, worse still, than he does not stop repeating her that he did not know her. When her husband had been lead back she had been terrified and mad with grief to see him so decreased; she didn't know if he would pull through. Henceforth there had a gaping wound in its heart. And a morning, she noticed that Squall had disappeared.
The only thing of its lost past of which Squall still remembered was the face of the witch. So he tried to search for this one, persuaded that she would lead him to Rinoa.
From his part, Tifa tried to survive the loss of her husband, because she knew that he would not return to her. She stayed strong for her daughter, only remaining fragment of their broken love. While she came with Marlene in the church where her husband had found refuge during a time, she was suddenly attacked by a man in black. Incapable to defend herself, she took punch after punch until faint. It is a young SOLDIER, Cloud, who found her, attracted by the noise. She took back consciousness by screaming the name of her daughter had to sink again.
Marlene had been kidnapped by the man who had attacked his mother and brought to Kadaj, the leader of the insurgents. While she tried to escape, Kadaj served as its powers to block the road of the child and make her understand that she was under his control.
During this time, Tifa returned to her and noticed with fear that the night had fallen for a long time. When she perceived Cloud who had stayed with her, she asked him to search for Marlene. The young man, at first reluctant, eventually accepted, touched by the distress of Tifa. He went in the direction of the hoard where Kadaj had been perceived a few days earlier, convinced that the man in black whom Tifa had described him was one of his accomplice. But the reason for which he had kidnapped the girl escaped him totally.
Cloud arrived finally at the hoard and quickly noticed that Kadaj waited for him, accompanied by two other men. At the same time, Squall also went to the hoard by an other side, assailed by alarming visions of Rinoa. Cloud was henceforth at the mercy of Kadaj, and while this last one got ready to kill him, something held his attention.
A little time after the SOLDIER left, Tifa had hurried to find something to make not to sink into the anxiety. She suddenly remembered herself her meeting with Squall, its sweetness when he had her smiles for the first time, and she decided that she must found him after having saved her daughter. But for this she needed help. And she decided to follow Cloud.
Squall and Tifa arrived at the hoard at the same time, and the ex-SEED engaged the fight with Kadaj. During his researches he had had memories of this man with the silvery hair. Cloud will come to lend strong hand at the young man. Everything would have been able to finish thus, but it was without counting on the perfidy of Kadaj which threw an illusion at the place where Tifa waiting: a perfect clone of the witch who Squall looked for. Kadaj created peaks of ices which crashed headlong into Squall. This last one, mad with rage, attacked the illusion and gave the deathblow Tifa collapsed, not understanding why he made that - nobody else had seen the illusion. Marlene looked at her father, terrified by what he had just made. Cloud pursued Kadaj who had run away after having freed Squall of his spell. Now that he had found back his spirits, he contemplated with dismay the dead body of his wife. A scream of despair tore the silence.

The end.

Small explanation about Kadaj intentions:
Having thrown the spell on Squall he wanted to tempt an experience. Given that it was the first time that he used this spell, he ignored up to which point it was effective. He had thus asked to one of his accomplice (Loz) to hit Tifa and to kidnap Marlene. Meanwhile he had seen to it that Squall remembers him. As he had planned, the SEED rushed into its trap headlong. But his attention had been reach on Kadaj only. This last one had then created an image of the witch (Edea, of course!) in front of Tifa to see if Squall would lend more credit to the illusion or to the woman that he was supposed to love. Once the results of his experience were obtained, he had deleted the spell and let his guinea-pig sink into the guilt.
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