Submissions to specialized folders *UPDATE*

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 2, 2010, 2:07 AM
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Submitting to specialized folders

UPDATE May 14th:
We now have a Cosplay Folder too! So, Cosplays can go either in this folder and will then be copied to the suitable character folder by me, OR you can submit it to the character folder of the character present in the photo and I will copy it to the Cosplay Folder. (I prefer the first version.)
I didn't want to entirely separate cosplay from the character folders.

Note: photomanips are a bit of a gray area here. If you think they fit the Cosplay folder, submit them there. If you aren't sure, submit them to the character folder and I will then decide whether they need to be copied to the Cosplay Folder. For any questions, you know where to find me. ^^


Be careful to choose the right folder when submitting your art!

What does this mean?

This means that as of now you will have to be careful to which folder you submit. For instance, if you submit a drawing of Princess Jupiter, you will submit it to "Makoto - Jupiter" folder.
If you submit a drawing of Mistress 9, this will go to "Hotaru - Saturn", as she is one of her forms.
If you submit an image of Kakyuu, she will go to "Other female characters".
Canon male characters go to "Male Characters" folder.
If you submit an OC (be it male or female), they will go into the "Original Characters OCs" folder.

If you still don't know where to submit, simply ask me.

How do I pick the folder in which I wish to submit?

Go to our gallery. Scroll down until you find the folder you wish to submit to. Click on the little plus mark and pick "Contribute to this gallery". Now choose the deviation from your gallery that you wish to submit. In the window where you are picking your deviation, look at the top - there should also be the name of the folder you are submitting to. Make sure it is the right folder, or pick a new one from the menu.

You can also do it the following way...
Click on "Contribute Art" in the main gallery, and wait for a new window to open showing all your artwork. In this new, smaller window, look up. You should see a line saying "submitting to". Here you can also pick the right gallery from the menu.

If you are still having problems, contact me. (And prefrrably explain what kind of a problem you are exactly having, otherwise it might be a bit difficult for me to help you.)

What if I have more than one character in the image?

In this case, please submit it to one of the suitable folders, and I will copy it to other folders. I promise. And if I forget, you can always remind me.

What will happen to the Featured folder now?

I will delete most of the pieces that are currently there and leave only those that I think are really awesome or represent our group the best. I mean, that is a "Featured" folder!

There will be ways to get your works in there, too, even if I personally don't pick them, like through contests or our mini games (quizzes and such).

I know some of you will say that this is... well, unfair, since I will be picking the most of the pieces that will go in there. But I am currently working on developing a system (contest-like) in which once a month everyone will be able to suggest one of their works for the featured folder, and then the members will pick which works will be added to the folder.

What if I submit to the wrong folder?

In this case your submission shall be declined and I will probably let you know why. Then please resubmit your work to the proper folder.

Can I suggest a new folder?

Gomen ne, but we already have SO many folders, I don't want to add a new one. T_T Still, you can always try your luck and send me a note with a (really good) explanation on why we would need a new folder. ;)

I have a question!

Go ahead and ask. XD

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