JOINING, RULES and SUBMITTING *Important Changes!*

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2009, 2:29 AM
Original image by Naoko Takeuchi.


UPDATE: Just to let you guys know, I have decided to set the limit of submissions to 2 per member per day! Because you guys are overdoing it a bit right now and I don't want to spam people's inboxes that much, lol.

:floating: HOW TO JOIN: :floating:
1. Click on the JOIN button on the main group page! Then wait for me to approve of your join request. That's it!

:floating: RULES: :floating:
1. Be kind and polite towards other members
2. Only original artwork is allowed - no traces, copies or edits of official artwork - this kind of work will absolutely not be accepted. NOTE: This rule does not extend to using references for poses/costumes. Also, it does not extend to dolls, if you used a base which was drawn by another artist and who allowed you to use it. The base has to be original too, though, and not made as a copy of an existing artwork.
3. Any medium is allowed
4. Literature is allowed
5. Mild nudity is allowed, but please no explicit sexual themes
6. Accepted is as follows:
- canon princess dresses (as seen in the manga)
- original designed princess dresses (meaning, designed by you)
- elegant portraits of the Princesses
- evening dresses (has to be something you'd at least wear to a cocktail party or a ball)
- tuxedos/elegant suits
- wedding dresses
- artistic nudes (Whether something from this category is accepted or not will be judged solely by me - as not all nudity is artistic. The nudity shouldn't be there just for the sake of nudity.) --> on this: I do realize nudity can hardly be considered elegant clothing, haha, but nudity plays an important role in the SM manga as a symbol of purity and innocence, and for this reason I chose to accept it.
- Princess Sailor Moon (from PGSM)
- fukus based on princess dresses

The following things are NOT accepted:
- Senshi fukus (the battle clothes for all those who are unfamiliar with the word 'fuku')
- semi-elegant clothing (Like summer dresses for instance. If you wouldn't wear it to some sort of a formal party, then you shouldn't submit it to this club.)
- underwear, lingerie and bathing suits
- kimonos - while they are special-occasion clothing, we focus more on the western-style clothing
- casual clothing (for instance, jeans and T-shirts)
- school uniforms
- ecchi material, porn, gore (we never accepted this, and never will)

7. Fan-senshi are allowed, as well as elegant/royal versions of villains etc.
8. After a few inquiries, I have decided that the PRINCES (and other male characters in elegant clothes) are allowed too ;)
9. Obey the rules
10. Have fun!

If you are still unsure about whether a certain image is accepted - you can send me a note to ask, or simply try submitting it and see whether I will accept it. XD

Before submitting, you should also read Info on submitting to specialized folders: heavenly-princesses.deviantart…

If your piece was declined and you don't understand why (though I usually give an explanation), please contact me and ask.

:floating: HOW TO SUBMIT: :floating:
1. Click on the button CONTRIBUTE on the main group page, select the art you wish to submit and the sub-gallery (specialized folder) that you wish to submit it to, and then wait for me to approve of it! Make sure it follows the rules.
Before submitting, you should also read Info on submitting to specialized folders: heavenly-princesses.deviantart…

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