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of Human souls and Fantasy
How wonderful it must have been for the human kind to roam free of flesh bodies, and glow among the nature we call earth; to freely dance like the colorful sprites, turning nights into an act of the northern skies, delicately laying upon strong branches and sweet green grass.And to think,we wonder where the flight of sprites and the songs of sirens came from.
How funny it must be to look through these old pages, and have a sense of longing to the tales, various colors the freedom! A rush of energy at the thought, "These tales could have been mine"
Through the whirl, something speaks, "I want this to be my story" battering at the conscious, only to be stopped by the flesh, whose memory is not as long as the free human,-" This can't happen, nor will it"
the euphoria is gone, and an era has ended.
by the faint ink in the pages, and their frailty, the memory-now dream- has ended.
But through the dream, even past its bindings remains in the imagination.
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Prisoner by Heavenly-Penelope Prisoner :iconheavenly-penelope:Heavenly-Penelope 8 0 Didnt Mean To Create This by Heavenly-Penelope Didnt Mean To Create This :iconheavenly-penelope:Heavenly-Penelope 4 4 A Year Later... by Heavenly-Penelope A Year Later... :iconheavenly-penelope:Heavenly-Penelope 1 0 Windows by Heavenly-Penelope Windows :iconheavenly-penelope:Heavenly-Penelope 2 0 planet by Heavenly-Penelope planet :iconheavenly-penelope:Heavenly-Penelope 4 0 Progress leonora by Heavenly-Penelope Progress leonora :iconheavenly-penelope:Heavenly-Penelope 1 0
Madness of whispers
It’s all too loud, but all to quiet at the same time. But my lips never move; sewn shut with black thread with my own, shaking hands. It is my mind that is the culprit! It always is nowadays, thinking far too much about things it shouldn't. We've been down that road before, for you see, my mind is a betrayer!
The thought appearing in various forms, intruding when it wishes. But it never shouts, it whispers. For, what is worse; shouting as loud as you can so the enemy can hear you? Or is it that little whisper into their ear, which may or may not have happened. Had it even been said at all? What is it they meant? Is that what they said? It leaves the mind wandering on itself for hours on end, hoping it wasn't what they feared most from that one little bit of poison. It’s these whispers that have betrayed me; I pray that they’d stop. They drive me mad! They aren't wanted nor needed. Please stop, stop! I can’t take them anymore!
But instead, they lie in the backgro
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Lilly by Heavenly-Penelope Lilly :iconheavenly-penelope:Heavenly-Penelope 1 0 Sweet colors by Heavenly-Penelope Sweet colors :iconheavenly-penelope:Heavenly-Penelope 1 0
I’m exhausted, even without working. I just can’t seem to wake up. I feel like a spring or a coil, above a flame, the metal turning red hot, a fiery glow around it. The spring has been wound so tight it shakes, just as my hands do, be it while I’m awake or not.  As the coil tightens and cracks ever so slightly, the paint around the area chipping, falling into the bottomless pit. The crack lay right in the center of my spine, a clean diagonal cut, no room for chipping here. The paint turns into a liquefied state-melting, I feel sick, as if the paint were to come from my mouth, bitter, salty, and terribly smooth, like the sleep I've never had. But the paint does not fall from my lips, nor overflow; I can’t get rid of it. It’s only a matter of time before the spring breaks, the flame dies, and the rust forms.
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Rachel by Heavenly-Penelope Rachel :iconheavenly-penelope:Heavenly-Penelope 1 9 Maemis Attire 2 by Heavenly-Penelope Maemis Attire 2 :iconheavenly-penelope:Heavenly-Penelope 1 0 Attire for maemi by Heavenly-Penelope Attire for maemi :iconheavenly-penelope:Heavenly-Penelope 2 0
Song of The Siren and Mermaid 6
Monday- 11-3
Penelope sighed, as she stared back at an empty fridge. All around her, the cabinets were drawn open, looking for at least something to make breakfast with. "Nothing at all?" she murmured to herself, looking now in the freezer. Empty as well.  "Gosh dang it…"
"Bonjour!" Francis cried out, letting the world know that he was wide-awake.
"Francis must you be so loud?" she said, rubbing her temples. "Ah but it is a beautiful day!"
"Yeah, and we have no food"
"No food! No, the awesome me does not approve!"  Apparently, Gilbert had awakened as well.
"I don't believe I asked for your approval or not" she said, sitting down at the table. "Looks like we're going to have to go shopping" she winced as she said it. It was going to be a very long day.
"So, chick that's less awesome than me"
"Penelope is my name, I'm pretty sure we've been over this"  
"Yeah, yeah, Anyway as the awesome me was saying, what are we gonna eat?"
"Well…there is always this little restaurant…"
*after leaving
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Hetalia Reader insert.
The night was calm, the ocean breeze creating a nice breeze against the warm air. The stars were shining, almost brighter than the moon, not a cloud in the sky Even the ocean was calm. But despite the calm atmosphere, a hint of excitement lingered in the air. On the horizon sat a large ship, which could only be owned by the most known Pirate, Captain Arthur Kirkland.
He stood proudly, watching as the shore line grew closer, a smirk evident on his face, green eyes darkening with mischief. Tonight, they would celebrate like kings, due to the haul they had gotten.
As they came closer, it became clear that they were not the only ones here to celebrate. Normally, for a celebration, it was the more the merrier. But these were pirates. You could only let your guard down to a certain degree, a small one at that.
Walking up onto shore, Arthur duly noted that the island was indeed very small and woodsy, but more than enough to fit all these pirates, as well as the usual establishments that came
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Who actually reads my journals?

Sat Apr 5, 2014, 11:53 PM

Who actually READS my journals?
Let's see who reads this entirely...leave me a one word comment that best describes me, using the SECOND letter of your FIRST name. It can only be ONE word. Then copy and paste this to your journal so I can leave a word about you. Don't just PUT a word and NOT copy, that's no fun.

  • Listening to: tell tale games walking dead
  • Reading: I wish i was reading.
  • Watching: My screen
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United States
So my name is Rachel, Hello to all of you out there.
I am a proud Christian, and i don't mind whatever your religion may be, or what your sexual preference may be. So as long as no one shoves their views down my throat( vice-versa i wont shove mine, though i wouldn't to begin with), and we're all respectable, lovable people then we're good!

i'm fairly easy to get along with, i'm friendly, i promise i don't bite! (much ;) )
I'm very much into an anime called Hetalia,
an old cartoon Favorite- Storm Hawks
A very popular show called Doctor who
and a You-tuber who goes by the name of iiSuperwomanii.

I love languages, writing and reading, and i hope one day to be a linguist who writes on the side ^_^

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