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Hi! You can call me Heaven. I'm a full time illustrator and co-creator of @scatterstar-isles ARPG!

I'm very active on here, but you can also follow me on Twitter and more for sketches, wips, process videos, and other fun stuff.

Twitter ▼ HVNDLX




Website ▼ HEAVENDELUXE.com

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Favourite Visual Artist
Shana Moulton, Tatsuro Kiuchi
Favourite Movies
Speed Racer (2009), Resident Evil (yeah those ones)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Metaroom, Muship, Miami Horror, Bo En
Favourite Games
LoZ: Twilight Princess, Monster Hunter: World
Tools of the Trade
Krita, Wacom Cintiq, Kubuntu
Other Interests
Graphic design, 2000's internet archives, BJDs, Transformers

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I noticed on your website that you are self taught web designer? (unless I misunderstood the amateur part) - as someone who is curious about getting into web design, do you perhaps have pointers or tutorials that you used? Thankful for any tips :0

i am entirely self taught yes! i have learned in bits and pieces since i was a kid, so not really any specific resources come to mind.... mostly I learned by doing, just thinking of what I wanted and figuring it out from there (that's basically all I did on neopets back then lol, and a toyhouse profile is to me a more advanced neopets petpage...............).

the downside to learning this way is it's easy to develop bad habits >_< so I'd suggest following a program for it that gives you a real foundation. there's a few that are free and get recommended a lot, i've heard good things about odin project and freecodecamp, which offer programs for html/css frontend, among other things. but really the best practice is to just, make something! if you don't have one already, get a free page on neocities.org and start making webpages, looking up how to do stuff along the way. or go get some toyhouse profile codes and start pulling them apart to see how they work. pretty much any question you can imagine is answered on forums you can google search too, so no worries if you get stuck haha.

if you want to go further into the actual design concepts and not just code, there's a great book by steve krug called "dont make me think", which talks about the history of web design and what makes a website easy to navigate and understand. it's very approachable, not super long, and helpful for thinking about how to lay out your ideas in a way that a viewer will find natural.

also: start bookmarking websites that you like the design of, and save inspiration :] I really like checking out the web design museum for ideas too, they update regularly. even something like a magazine page or a collage that you like could be translated into a cool idea for a page layout.

hopefully at least some of this helps haha!! like my website says I'm an amateur, but if you need help with something specific feel free to ask. if you make something I'd love to see! ^^)/

Thank you so much! Coding was always something that interested me but also scared me, but when I see websites like yours, it makes me sooo tempted to try and attempt something myself :D

Aw I'm really happy to hear!! I promise it's easier than it looks once you understand the basics, go for it!! (´ ∀ ` *)

your website rocks btw, the portals part reminds me of Goodbye Strangers f you have heard of them

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You have the best art ever