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Apple Dark Mesh

i had seen a layout much like this elsewhere, obviously based on the aesthetic appearance of the mac pro/g5 tower. really wanted to make use of it, but the original, which i am unable to track down to give due credit, was a painful, hot, white eyesore. this version maintains the same concept, but is a very pleasant, sullen, dark version that is easy on the eyes, monitor, and power supply.

dimensions are 1920 x 1200, i added the shadows, glow, and upped the saturation on the logo. the design thereafter is not my own. i can make a color variation upon request, but the blue seems to be the most appropriate, cool color for the environment that surrounds it.

also available in:

plum mesh:

and rust mesh:

iphone version is here:


if you are the original artist that coined the original concept, please message me so that i may give credit to you as the conceptual creator.

Apple logo is of course ©Apple Computer Inc.
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well, i'll admit, that's pretty cool. i did not submit this to other sites. i stopped checking this for a very long time, come back to find that it's been downloaded almost 15k times. surreal. apple themes will sure gather clicks, hey?
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Nice Work Featured here :)
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awesome color mod, so much nicer than the original imo :)
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Would love a tutorial on how to do this :)
very nice, great background for my BB Storm 2. Thank you very much.
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Very nice wallpaper! do you a version without the darker part around the edges? thanks!!
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thanks much. no, sorry to say, i seem to have dumped the psd file at some point, all i've got is the flattened image. but i'll keep it in mind from now on, whenever i get around to creating something worth posting.
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could just try cropping off the edges, if that's all that's not working for you, but the overall gradient effect is pretty much stuck on the image otherwise.
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not sure about the concept, but the mesh is created by graphex at or it is very similar to this one.
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Fantastic!! I would love to know how this was made
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this is great. this is my new desktop.
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good work! Very nice!
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thank you kindly...
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