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Hey everyone,

Commission time again, I've been receiving a number of messages from new watchers regarding it so thought I'd let it be known to all :D

My offers:
Movie Posters (Photo-manipulation): $50 USD/£30 GBP

Movie Banners (Photo-manipulation): $40 USD/£25 GBP

'Jokerized' Portraits: $15 USD/£10 GBP

Digital Paintings: $90 USD/ £60 GBP…

If you are interested please note me with what you'd like me to do and I'll get back to you.


I am also happy to accept ideas that are not stated here, for instance working with your own created characters and collaborating with you or another artist
All commissions will be available in Digital form unless asked to print which will vary in price depending on size and shipping.
Hey everyone,

I was wondering if those who watch and like the work I do would be so kind as to help a brother out.

I've recently been a part of the Virgin Media Shorts 2012 Film Contest and if I get a number of supporters from social media I have a chance to get big film funding for a future short.

so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you can, Like the films directly from the page, share if you want to and if you want to tweet it #ShortsLucky13 otherwise it won't count.…

I really hope to do well so that if something comes out of this for me, I have a really strong chance of getting a Mad Love shorts webisode made with official funding.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this.
Um Bit of a weird one...

Been looking for and trying to find stock and reference images for Mad Love Comic... some rare good but its tough when I have like the panels in mind and can't find the shots etc

So asking for your help ... I'm preferably looking for:

Long/Medium Hair, Preferably straight (Any colour)
5' 1" - 5' 5"
Playing age: 18-28
Slim/Athletic Build

Shoulder length hair (Any colour)
5' 11" - 6'-3"
Playing age: 20-30
Slim/Athletic Build

If you yourself or know anyone that would be interested in helping a little lemme know

Can't actually pay anything coz well, the world has made me broke (Broke artists of the world UNITE!!!!)

so errrmmmm...... Yeah

Promise this is not a creeper thing... honestly

So I've just played Arkham City full through like 3 times already now haha

I wanted to post something like this when it first came out coz I finished the story on launch day but I didn't want to express my feelings because of spoilers etc but I feel it's been out long enough now that we can discuss things.

The whole ending left me open mouthed and 'kinda' crying. (Original story not the alternative)

I admit I shouted so loud in excitement when Clayface popped up... so loud in fact my neighbours actually came over to see if I was alright... embarrassed much?

Seriously though after playing it through so many times, I still get that 'first time' response and that (to me) is the sign of a great story... let alone a game.

It got me thinking that this may be one of my favourite Batman stories. Regardless of which universe. It's definitely up there with Under The Red Hood, Killing Joke, Jokers Favor etc

Whoevers played it, what are your favourite parts?

I really hearted the little nods and stuff, e.g. the test coming up positive? hush? CRIME ALLEY!!! (If anyone finds the music for that lemme know) and I really enjoyed pretty much ALL the joker riddles and what they where.

Tell you what... I'm sooo fucking  hyped up for DKR