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March 5, 2006
Afraid of snakes? After seeing Zot in a Knot by *Snakeskii, you'll realize that they can be cute and cuddly, too!
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Zot in a Knot


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8-9-2012: Ok, so I know this photo is all over the interwebs by now, BUT if you do share it--which I have no problem with--please don't crop my name out of the photo. I would like people to be able to search for my name and find me if they like my art, which is why I put my name and website on everything I post here. I have absolutely no problem if you share it with a link to my site--feel free to do this as much as you want--just please don't take the artist out of the art!

1-13-06: I'm not sure what to put up in my gallery yet, so I thought I would start with a photo of one of my many reptiles. This was taken with a point and shoot digital fuji, so it isn't perfect by any means; the flash is a bit strong, even though I tried to diffuse it, and the depth of field could be better...but seriously, when my snake turns himself into a knot, do I want to be fiddling with my Canon SLR? Nope. Besides, that's my hand in the picture! :D

1-14-06: I've been getting a ton of traffic from this photo, so I'll add a bit more info. ^^; Zot is a red-phase western hognose snake. He is approximately the size of a pencil, and is about 4 months old. He's also the most photogenic snake I've ever had, and actually stays still enough for me to grab the camera and take his picture.

Western hognoses make great pets, as they have lots of personality, rarely bite, and don't get very big, but please make sure to do some research before buying one. :)

Thanks for visiting, and check my "scraps" for a few more silly Dot and Zot pics! :D

3-5-06: :O_o: A Daily Deviation????!! YEAH!!!!! Whewhoo! THANK YOU ALL!! :boogie:

I've gotten a lot of inquiries from people wanting a snake after seeing this photo. I think this is awesome, but PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST!!! DO NOT GO INTO A PET STORE A BUY A REPTILE WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE GETTING IN TO! There are a lot of reptiles out there that make horrible pets--they grow too big, they are mean, venomous, etc. Also, make sure to buy captive breed animals--no need to deplete native populations with all the cool breeding programs going on.

With that said hognoses do make very good snake pets, but they can also be challenging for the unprepared. This is a care sheet that can answer some questions, but please do more reading than this before getting a hognose: [link] Thanks for looking!
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