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Red Nose Pitbull

This is my pitbull, Lala.
Pitbulls are one of the most amazing dogs ever. They're so sweet. People only mistake them for being aggressive because people fight them. But they're so nice for an animal who's abused. Especially her. She was a starved, beaten, trained pitbull, but she is the sweetest dog ever.

Give them a chance. Don't believe the rumors.
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I totally agree with you. This is my pitbull/boxer mix Holly :[link]
She was starved too. We don't know for sure what else was done to her, but we don't think she was used for fighting. We think she was beaten, and used in a puppy mill. Not a puppy born in the mill, but one of the mothers of many many puppies. We've had her for a year, and her nipples are still swollen. They're like an inch long,.. poor girl. She used to be absolutely terrified of men, and scared of everyone else. But now she's only timid towards men she hasn't met, and she's friendly towards everyone else. She absolutely adores me, all she wants is to be loved. I've never even seen her be aggressive towards a human. She's too scared to get angry at one.. I love her(: My friend got her from the family that abused her, but he could only keep her for 3 weeks. The day that he had no other choice but to take her to the shelter, I took her in instead. I couldn't let him take her there, I didn't think she would have a good chance at being adopted because she was such a terrified soul back then, plus she was part pit bull. I've had her for a year now(:
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People shouldn't be so quick to judge pitbulls! They're honestly so sweet to people. They're nervous if they've been treated wrong, yes. And you have to be careful but still, super sweet. She loves everyone she comes across now. But she's afraid of feet. We don't know if she jumps them because she's afraid of them, or because she's playing lol. It's when someone walks she jumps their feet. Not like we kick her lol. We're totally against animal abuse in my family. My mom wants to start a pitbull rescue like Tia on Pitbulls and Parolees, Villalobos!