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Create and Rate - Doll Maker

**Please note, the site hosting this game seems to be having occasional troubles. If you can't get on, try again a little later. The building games are also available as single player games at [link] **

Create & Rate is basically a drag and drop dressup/building game with our usual options (scale,rotate,alpha,colour), but it can be played multi player. If there are more than 2 players in a game, they will be able to vote for there favorite creation once everyone is done building. Since the game is built in whirled, you can also chat at each other while you play.

There are 4 game styles (fashion doll, dragon, horse, and prehistoric). Each round you are also given a theme (like dragon hunting, princess, witch, parade horse, etc...) and a couple of pieces to use.

You can also select the time limit and if you want it to be a private game or not. If you just want to build dolls with no one to bug you, try setting the game type to "private" and the time limit to 15 min.

Because of the width allowed on deviant art, the chat shows up over the game interface which is a bit irritating. If its bugging you, try playing the game at [link]

Enjoy :)
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Oh my gosh, Whirled.
Sure has gone down the drain...
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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!Spazattackplz Squee! 

Sorry this game is AWESOME!! Nice work ~_~
You wuv me? 
Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1] Fool Emoji-11 (Hurray for you and me) [V1] 
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i dont get it?
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What are you having trouble with?
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I played the dragon one too!
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Thanks so much :)

We are trying to do a new version of this, but it is going slow :p
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Glad you like it ;)

The link you posted just took me to a deviant browse, is it suppose to go to a specific image? :)
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Thanks! We are actually talking about doing another version of this game pretty soon ;)
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Thanks! Glad you like it! I hope to get another version of this game up sometime soon :)
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fun 100/100 good job
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I'm super glad you are enjoying it ;)
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