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Wire-Wrapped Trilobite Fossil Pendant w Garnet by HeatherJordanJewelry Wire-Wrapped Trilobite Fossil Pendant w Garnet by HeatherJordanJewelry
This piece is truly special... Modern industrial design collides with ancient terrestrial life in this wire-wrapped trilobite fossil pendant. This ancient Elrathia kingii (species) trilobite fossil was extracted from a mortality plate; a slice of shale, in which multiple organisms perished, nearly half a billion years ago. Trilobites were among the earliest animals to appear on Earth and now you can wear this exquisite piece of natural history, and carry it with you, wherever you go.

The fossil was wrapped in solid Sterling silver wire and three gem-quality, faceted, gem-quality rhodolite garnet beads were strung directly on the base wire and set in place with herringbone weaves. The wire was oxidized naturally with egg yolk and sealed with clear lacquer to protect the finish and aged appearance of the piece. Luscious, silver coils and weaves frame the fossil in this modern piece of wearable art! The entire pendant measures 49x33x22mm (1.7" x 1.3" x 0.9") and comes suspended on an 18" Sterling silver chain.

The original mortality plate from which this fossil was extracted, came from the Wheeler Shale, located in Millard County, near Antelope Springs, Utah. Trilobites disappeared from the face of the Earth in a mass extinction that occurred approximately 250 million years ago, just prior to the rise of the earliest dinosaurs in the fossil record. Trilobites evolved on Earth approximately 540 million years ago. Unlike most fossils of it's kind, the "cheeks" on this fossil remain intact.

This piece comes in a luxurious, black velvet jeweler's box, contained in a cardboard outer shell (so you can wrap the box without damaging the velvet); perfect for gift-giving! This is an heirloom-quality piece you can treasure for many years to come! This ships fully-insured and with international tracking, for your convenience and peace of mind.

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