MarchOfTheFauns #11 Wynne is Alive
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? WHAT IS #MarchOfTheFauns
For the month of March 2018 I am creating one of a kind faun and satyr drawings all month long! Its called 
#MarchOfTheFauns , a monthly themed challenge to celebrate and engage with the online fantasy art community. Specifically, I explored and expanded the lore of fauns within my own IP, a magical world called "#Terratoff"

Princess Wynne lived a quiet and peaceful life within the castle walls for most of her childhood. Her albinism made her skin and eyes sensitive to sunlight, and kept her from venturing far from home. But Wynne didn't mind, she was quite content to live at home with her sisters and her pet owl, Witta, reading books or wandering the gardens by moonlight...But Wynne's peaceful days would soon come to a devastating end.

One fateful night her eldest sister, Jacandy, returned from a personal pilgrimage forever changed. She had made a deal with the Rott, promising to trade them Wynne in exchange for a new and powerful magic. Their mother the Queen tried to intervene, but Jacandy cut her down without hesitation. Wynne was dragged out of the throne room wailing in terror as the members of her court were slain around her by the Rotten hoard. Jacandy had her locked away in a gilded cage while she claimed the castle for herself. 

For years Wynne never left that cage, as the lonely days turned to weeks, and the weeks into months, her constant exposure to the Rott appeared to be taking hold of her too.... or so it seemed. The Rott spreads its poison by rotting the host from the inside out, corrupting their spirit with the flesh soon to follow. Wynne was clearly being transformed, her antlers had become gigantic branches that coiled around her body, her eyes monstrous orbs of light, and her flesh began to erode off her bones... yet her spirit never wavered... For the first time ever, a creature of magic was rotting from the outside in...

Though Wynne's fortitude kept her heart pure, day by day her branches grew longer, edging closer and closer to her exposed heart. She knew that if they ever touched, her soul would surely be corrupted. Little did she know that one day she would find a way to guard her heart from the Rott...

Colored pencil and Graphite on Moleskine paper

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Comments (5)
WhimsiKitty's avatar
WhimsiKitty|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! Incredible! But what did the Rott want with Wynne in particular...?
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HeatherHitchman's avatar
HeatherHitchman|Professional General Artist
That shall be revealed later in the books but I suppose I can at least tell you this. Wouldn't a princess hostage be an extremely valuable asset? Or perhaps, they knew such a trade would be what it would take to corrupt Jacandy... we shall see!
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WhimsiKitty's avatar
WhimsiKitty|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, thank you - that makes sense! 
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RavenHeart1984's avatar
RavenHeart1984|Professional Traditional Artist
have a epic halloween
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HeatherHitchman's avatar
HeatherHitchman|Professional General Artist
hehe thanks! you too!
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