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I moved here.
It took a couple of months of crazy worrying, I went offline for a while, didn't really do any art at all. I feel lazy, but then again, I don't know anyone personally who just picked up and moved cross country with anything other than high hopes, so I'm not sure how I was supposed to handle it!
It went as well as it could have, and now I live right outside the city, and its wonderful.
I'm looking into doing freelance more full-time, but I'm not sure where to start. Now with the change of scenery and the return of my creative drive I have all these projects at my fingertips that want my attention, but I have to continue to shove them aside for job searching.
But !
As soon as I get a job I can do so many things.. and I'm so much closer to jobs in my field now, I feel like I have a much better chance at being hired for an <3 art career job <3

My hard work will pay off!
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moving without a job across the country, so i need dollas.
stole this idea from adam, (bff bro montanya,) $10 art !
you want art? i want your money.

i'll draw whatever you want for $10!
any medium, and an hour of my time.

i'll mail you the original in the mail, or send you a digital copy and a print

- it has to be a medium i don't have to buy, so not oils or.. fancy stuff.. but i do have a box full of art stuff, so try me!
- if its a digital painting, i'll charge a couple bux more to print it off because i luuuve the shiny fancy prints and i know you will too. :)
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Hey, I'm not getting hired for game companies because I lack experience.

Currently I'm helping create assets for a game project called Londontown, and hopefully that will look pretty nice on  my resume, but I'm looking for more to do as it doesn't occupy all of my free time.

..sooo, if anyone knows anyone who needs stuff modeled in 3d for them, or concept art, or textures painted, or anything game art related really, I want to help for freeee.


ALSO! we've got some slots open in our sketchblog, SYDFO :, and if you'd like to join i'd like to add you. the rules are basically post with what ever sort of art you are working on (3d and/or 2d,) and comment, both as often as possible.
we offer really constructive criticism, without the sugar coating bs, which i personally find to be invaluable.
if you don't post anything (comments or content) for two weeks, we kick you ..we don't tolerate laziness i guess.
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thanks for all the favorites and comments, everyone.

i'm opening up commissions again, but only for tattoos, so note or email me ( if you're interested. my rates are pretty cheap compared to what the tattoo guy will charge you! so let me help you out. :)
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not much goings on.
i'm still looking for a job, any job, and not just an art job, but it has been incredibly difficult for some reason! i blame the town i live in, so i've been searching elsewhere.
i'm broke, i have sallie mae bite marks all over my butt, and.. thats basically it.
whats going on with you guys?
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so.. I found out why it is incredibly difficult to get a job in the town I'm living in! It is because a ton of people moved here and nothing new opened up to provide jobs, my source being a rather informed woman at a temp agency here in town.
It explains why I can't seem to get hired ANYWHERE, even McDonald's!
I'm about to lose my job in addition to hating it massively, so I've been scrambling for a new one the past couple months with no success.
Good news though! A friend of mine who lives in Indie needs to get a place, so we're trying to time us both getting jobs at the same time so that we can move in together. Not sure how well his job search is going, but I have an interview with the geek squad up there on thursday, so I hope his ass is as in gear as mine.
The job is only going to be seasonal, and they can only offer me 32 hours a week at most, but I think I have to move up there anyway for several reasons. I'm terrified of losing that job and not being able to get another one, but I don't feel like I have a choice because that looks to be my fate if I stay here, anyway.
..if that makes sense.
In a perfect world, while I have that job I'll  be searching for another one on the side, and have a full-time one to catch me when I get the layoff in january, or I'll just quit this one and take that one.. whichever. Thing is though, I'm terrified of taking risks now that I've failed at life with school and everything, so I'm almost frozen in place about the whole thing.

So hay guys, do you think I'm crazy for signing a lease without a secure job, or should I just stay here with my mom and risk not getting a job at all.

...aaaannnd, for those of you who don't know but would like to participate in this poll, I also have an outrageously high student loan payment sitting on top of everything as it is, so unemployment is not an option.

I've built a smart looking low poly guy for my portfolio, as well as a couple of paintings to spruce it up, but I don't think I'll have any more luck now than I did the previous eight months worth of applying to art jobs.
So for now, I am going back to retail to wilt away and die, but at least there is a possibility that things will work out for me after all, eventually.
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so i went to el paso to see patrick off; he's on his way to iraq and he's thrilled, you'd think we were sending him to six-flags or something. bunch of stuff happened:

-patrick went away. sad face :(
-i found out that i'm not a fan of desert environments
-i experienced my first ever (possibly) encounter with racism, directed at me
-i again realized my hate of flying
-i met steven tyler

i'll ellaborate on any of the above subjects, but tell me which because i'm not sure if everyone would like hearing about them all.
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where is all this sudden traffic coming from?
i'm not complaining, i just wonder, haha.

update on me? sure  !

still dont have an art job, i'm not going to say i quit looking for one but ... hmm.. its hard to say. i'm really discouraged about the whole thing, and i need to rebuild myself in other areas before i can work on being better in art. its hard to explain! haha. having to except that i worked three years on a portfolio that won't get me hired is a huge mound i have to digest before i can move forward, and its taking a lot of my energy to get through. someday, though. :) i'm extremely hopeful.  

meanwhile !
i got a job at the courthouse doing political stuff, kind of hilarious, but finally have a source of income. AND i finally have time to work on my music, which is amazing. ...and! my overall mood has improved dramatically, as nearertonever pointed out.
so horray, doing a lot better.

other than a couple unfinished paintings, i've been working on modeling a car. a friend of mine works a phatty paying job that has to do with car crap, maybe if i get lucky someone will get fired or quit or something and i'll be in or something. not exactly holding my breath, but its an incredibly tangible position compared to these magical game jobs that exist with unicorns and dragons and whatever else.
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its that wonderful time of year where you buy people presents and things like that.
due to a series of unfortunate car problems, i had to spend my monies on fixing my car instead of getting gifts for my family, so now i'm broke.
its awkward because i quit my job to concentrate on school and i'm about to graduate, so i can't exactly get a job for a week. i considered donating plasma but i think i'd have to go twice a week for a month to really make anything off of it. and omg i hate needles. :(

so a friend of mine did this one time and it was really successful, so now in my hour of need i'm going to whore out my skillz to see if they, and you, can help.

commissions !! :D
i'll draw/paint/whatever you want for you then when you get it you decide how much its worth and send me monies. simple, huh. you could be like yeah this is totally worth $5 and send me a check for $5.00, or you could think its worth a bit more than that.

i know its christmas and everyone is broke so i'm not going to be upset if this doesn't go anywhere, haha.
but let me tell you that custom prints make wonderful gifts!! :D
holy crap!
no wait, its not that rare.
i quit my horrible job, and now i have time to breathe. its barely been a week and i want to tell you that it is wonderful. if only i weren't sunburned so badly that i can't even walk normally. but no matter!

in hurriedly throwing things together for my portfolio class i have discovered that i do, in fact, draw all the damn time, i'm just so used to telling myself that i need to do it more that i didn't notice that my new sketchbook is almost full.

i want more 3d in my portfolio, other than my exquisite chair, lol, but i'm out of ideas. mark suggested i do a drum set, since i'm almost a week away from being the proud owner of one, finally. but i really want something that will show off some sweet 3d skills or something.
i guess it would help if ya'll knew what i wanted to do with my fancy college education. truth is, i dunno. i've almost definitely decided that the game industry is not for me, and i won't say why because i'll make a lot of Ai alumni shoot themselves. i like playing with 3d though, its really neat, i'm just not awesome-socks at it.. far as you know--because i've yet to crank something out that looks impressive!

- no cars. everyone does cars.
- no peoples. i'm much too picky with the human figure to put hours and hours into a 3d model and then not get a job doing something with characters.

any ideas?
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i'm not going back there.

haha, i've decided to quit my job so that i can concentrate on school. it means i'm going to have to borrow more money that i'll have to pay back, but i'd much rather have to pay back a little bit more every month than not have enough time to get my portfolio looking very awesome and possibly not get a job.

that means i'll have time to paint. :) but more importantly, i'll have time to work on 3d and get better at something i suck at!

horray! i'm so damn happy. :)
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nothing really

Thu Jun 7, 2007, 7:56 AM

i take it back, that site sucks too.
i went around begging to get my ass chewed out and found it from a friend i already knew instead of a site full of strangers.

anyone know some more good motivational bullshit to get me going again?

and i'm not talking pep talks.
apparently i dont take kindly to ego bashing when my ego is the size of a mustard seed.


i are love my galvo mucho by galvo :thumb52806978:

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theyd be nutmeg peach and theyd pay the rent, dammit.

i've got a riddle for you!
what do you get when you toss a mediocre (but improving, dammit!) artist in an environment with virtually no competition? 1


school + this site and its habit to bash helpful critiques ("oh no, they're too mean") are the two things i'm blaming my fucking artist's block on.
yes i'm angry!

i'm going to, they're all better than me and i'm sure they're nice and blood thirsty.

that is all. i'm updating my journal because i've finally worked out what the hell is wrong with me, and holy damn is everything sparkly and clear now.


i are love my galvo mucho by galvo :thumb52806978:

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i won a contest :D

Wed May 2, 2007, 10:27 AM

it has nothing to do with my drawing skills though! which is sad i guess. but whatever.

its for my part in a cover song at band-builder dot com. this other guy and i are on the front page :D click the link that says listen now to hear it.

its weird because i thought i didn't do too well.

maybe life get better now yes pls.


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Fri Apr 27, 2007, 1:50 PM

i'm hateful and broke, but today i'm 22.

also mark came to see me, that makes me happy face.


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i wanna be your crystal baller

Mon Apr 9, 2007, 11:07 AM

school is tough.
all my work is going into 3d, hopefully it'll show in my portfolio.

i support matt.


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support me!

Sat Jul 8, 2006, 10:59 PM

i dont think any other artist does.

you put it in your journal by typing :thumb 36004630 : with no spaces
it will look like this show your support by HeatherBomb

in other news,
heathorsaurus rex is done being emo
back to being angry.


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cover, cover

Fri Jun 30, 2006, 9:55 AM

vacation is still pretty metal.
i couldn't really draw a whole lot the past week because of work and hanging out with curtis, but now i can. :) i drew some terrible drow sketches, because eric thinks i can't draw thin women. :mad: i dont really want to upload it because its tasteless.

anyway, its been weeks since i did this, and you can tell that i haven't sang the song in years, and.. other terrible things.. like being hugely out of practice. but have a cover anyway:…
forgive me for the myspace blog bullshit.


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Tue May 30, 2006, 12:51 PM

what would you like me to do during foreplay?
Image Hosted by


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Tue Feb 28, 2006, 9:59 PM

i made a butt racing gif with my roomates and our creepy apartment hallway and someone put us on ytmnd

hilarious !





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