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Oriole Oolung

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Published: October 14, 2007
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The black Chinese Dragon, harbinger of death for important figures.

This young fella is so festive, though, I can't but help that seeing him playing around the skies when it's time for a bad ruler to go. Just look at him! He's brought the whole party with him!

Also, Halloween!

Colorations are based on the Baltimore Oriole: [link]

Prismacolors on colored paper, 8.5 x 11.

Well, the cat's out of the bag!!!

The dragon ';project' I mentioned some time ago was going to involve all the different major types and classes of dragons. THEN, I pair them with birds that share the same first letter of their name.
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Wow. I've always kinda sucked with colored pencils! Seeing this makes me wanna try at least one more time lol.
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Oh please do!!!

I personally am in awe of people who do fantastic marker work. Talk about unforgiving!
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Lord-NoctiferHobbyist Traditional Artist
Meh, might want improvement, but you definitely don't NEED it. >.> I'm a nazi for Grammar and improper use of words... sorry....
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Lord-NoctiferHobbyist Traditional Artist
meh, You do more than I ever could, which makes you plain amazing! *cheesy smile and both thumbs up* But in all seriousness, your artistic skill with 2 dimensional images is quite mind-boggling to the average person, I'd have to assume.... mostly because my own is mind-boggling to most people who've ever talked to me about mine, and that's without the coloring...
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Thank you! I still need to improve my digital coloring skills, I think...
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Lord-NoctiferHobbyist Traditional Artist
I've been drawing since I was 4 as far as I can remember, and I can make AMAZING artwork, but only rarely do I possess the initiative, motivation, or energy to break my inertia and do so.
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I hear you on the 'breaking inertia' bit. It makes me sad that I do not produce very much finished work.
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Lord-NoctiferHobbyist Traditional Artist
I can do good, but my art isn't usually as uniformly amazing. How long have you been been creating visual art? It's quite nice. *feels like a total brown-noser right now*
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I've been getting up to since first grade when I decided that all the dragons on posters and in art looked DUMB and could be done better. ;)

Hee hee. Glad you liked it.
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Koyote042Professional General Artist
You know I thought I commented on this. But alas I did not. This is a stellar piece of work. In fact it's in my top five of my favorites from you... top 3 even. I am a sucker for Chinese Dragons. :p
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Freaking Awsome colour combination!
I want it *-*
And you make so many nice Details like scales and fur^^
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Aww, thanks for taking a look at this guy, and leaving a comment and :+fav:. :) :hug:
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UpsilonEexeProfessional General Artist
Ooo.. Sweet.

I envy those who are capable of marker usage. Good job!
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No markers. :> Thank you for swinging by.
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That is absolutely beautiful. Love everything about it. :)
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MischievousPookaProfessional General Artist
Good detail.
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My compliments! Everything you draw and colour turns out to be stunningly beautiful.
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KingGiantessHobbyist General Artist
I'm jealous! :XD: I work with Prismacolours and can't make them that beautiful!

Wonderful job! I love the scale texture.
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Oops, a bit belated on my part. Thanks for coming by to have a look! You can't be shy with Prismacolors! Keep at it.
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KingGiantessHobbyist General Artist
No problem, people do it all the time. You're very welcome! :D And I've learned a thing or two about my Prismas (Likely by looking at this picture. XD), so thank you very much as well! :heart:
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metalformerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Fearsome dude indeed!
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wow, that's freakin' great! Amazing colours and your blending/shading is awesome :D
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Thanks for the compliment! :) The coloring part was fun, I admit.
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Wooooow, I really like this! Yay for gorgeous dragon art!
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