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Chinese Tiger Versus Dragon

By Heatherbeast
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Classic tiger versus Chinese dragon motif. The dragon's pretty awesome, but I really had a fun time with that tiger. Lookit him. He's pretty effin' killer.

I made a best guess as to category. It's not quite tattoo art. Commissioned by :iconspawnofrazorclaw:

Hope you enjoy it, Dot!
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I would literaly tatoo this on my back
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Sweet, is this pencil work? What ever it is its brilliant :D
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lovely picture
As awesome as it can someone please explain to me why this is so famous everywhere I go? Seriously I always see the classic tiger and dragon designs on just about everything. The only thing I can think of is a sort of Ying vs Yang sor t of thing.
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Sure, I can be that someone. The tiger and dragon are two creatures associated with the four main compass directions. The tiger represents the west, and the dragon represents the east. In lore associated with Chinese dragons, it is said that the tiger is the only creature which can be the dragon's match in a fight. Additionally, Zen Buddhism suggests that the tiger represents the more earthly, grounded aspect of the enlightened mind, while the dragon represents the more free-spirited, soaring imagination and creativity of the enlightened mind. I hope this answers your question! :)
That is very cool!
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This is amazingly good! Would you mind if I use it in my school study about dragons? I will credit you and everything. I can't draw myself :(
I love your work.
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Really like it's movement. Really augments the aggression displayed. :)
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Dragons and tigers have a serious hate-on for each other. I wanted to capture that in the artwork. :) Sounds like it was a success!
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awesome art, looks to me like tha dragon has the upper hand...
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That's a badass Tiger. Great job.
Is Beautifull!!!
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i want this. tattoo'd EVERYWHERE
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