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It's time for Valentine photos now! :aww:
New from me this year...with more to come...
SPIDER AND THE ROSE by Heather-Chrysalis  VALENTINE LINDEN by Heather-Chrysalis  VALENTINE DAISY 2 by Heather-Chrysalis

Previous years:
VALENTINE GECKOS by Heather-Chrysalis  LOVING GECKOS by Heather-Chrysalis  VALENTINE DAISY by Heather-Chrysalis  CADBURY HEART by Heather-Chrysalis  SWEET MANDARIN by Heather-Chrysalis  HUGS AND HISSES! by Heather-Chrysalis  VALENTINE CRESCENT by Heather-Chrysalis  VALENTINE APHRODITE by Heather-Chrysalis  KISSES FOR ATHENA! by Heather-Chrysalis  ARIADNE'S FRIEND REQUEST by Heather-Chrysalis  HUG AND KISSES by Heather-Chrysalis  R.I.P. PEACHES by Heather-Chrysalis

And Valentine-themed deviations from other artists:
Gecko Wedding - 0129 by creative1978  Lovers Lane-The Love Birds - 4 by creative1978  Lil' Girl rose martini 4 by creative1978  With Love from Cadbury  by LindArtz  Lament of the Black Rose by LindArtz  *Different Perspectives*Female logic caused him much merriment
She failed to see the reason for his mirth
All her notions made perfect sense -
What can be done with the illogical male?
Male logic caused her much merriment
He failed to see the reason for her mirth
All his notions made perfect sense -
What can be done with the illogical female?
2013 Delice1941
11th August2013
Updated 17th March2014
  Sunrise SunsetVermillion sunrise streaks sky
Two lovers kiss farewell and sigh
Man holds woman close to heart
Dawn and life in earnest must start.
Vermillion sunset brazen delight
Lover's hold hands watch this sight
Darkness descends night grows cold
So what, these hours are just pure gold.
2012 Delice1941
Updated 4th January2014
  Smother Me
Comfort me always
With your heart and soul
Embrace me tightly
And never let me go
Surround me with your presence
So I'll never be alone
Blanket me with your emotions
So I'll never get cold
Envelope me with tender care
In my times of sickness
Shelter me with concern
And keep me safe
Enclose me with your gentleness
When I am filled with sorrow
Lavish me with kindness
So I know you understand
Intoxicate me with your words
So I know your heart
Entangle me with actions
So I know your loving ways
Reinforce me with your strength
When I'm feeling weak and weary
Cover me with your sweetness
So that I never turn bitter
Drown me with kisses
From your lips of affection
Consume me with caresses
So I never forget your touch
Suffocate me with all of you
Believe me I don't mind
Smother me with all your love
For it keeps my heart alive
  Poise by Doll-Ladi  Thank You Marilyn by Applemac12  Strawberries and cream by ChudnayaMamba  Emperor Penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri) by NadilynBeato  Donovan and Daddy by cindy1701d  Mermaid's Kiss by JennLaa  My Mermaid Love by babsartcreations   Baby Bunnies by PolaristheCepheid  Kiss Me by PaganFireSnake  A Frog's Love by PaganFireSnake  Valentine's Day by styx-leagon  Happy Valentine's Day - V.2 by Emma-Lawlor  Subliminiminimimal Advertising by CatharsisJB <da:thumb id="505318475"/>  Love ya mom. by Kielx  Two Young Swans - Valentine by steppeland  Be my Valentine! by Katrin-Elizabeth  Ratties' Valentine's Day by DianePhotos  Be My Hammentine by hoschie  for my darling by Calitha-Lena  A chilly love. by bared <da:thumb id="161286179"/>  Words from a Rose...Like syllables loose in a labyrinth
your ghostly footprints make the journey back to me,
a path of delicate words,
frail as petals from a rose
getting near as only, shadow steps can be.
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
  Winged CreatureThe winged creature
in my
nocturne dream
the dark sky
on its wings
of myself
in two
half red
half blue
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
  For the Love of PenguinsBlack and white,
They frolic in the snow.
Heads up, wings back,
They call for the one they love.
Silence, no one dares call,
Until his call is finished.
Now to bow, greeting one another,
He slips her a small pebble.
She takes the pebble,
And places it in their nest.
She has accepted his token,
Now he nibbles the feathers at her neck.
And they make whoopee,
Now to preen and strengthen that bond.
This bond will never break,
For penguins you know, they mate for life.
:heart: Anita

© 2016 - 2021 Heather-Chrysalis
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Pansies by KmyGraphic

Dear Jewel, apologies for late reply. Valentine's day caught me unaware this year. Really, nice surprise this morning when I found this feature. Many thanks Jewel~Delice
Heather-Chrysalis's avatar
You're very welcome, Delice! Happy Valentine's Day  (Animated) by Lacerem  
I hope you're recovering from your cold and doing well. :)

                 Happy Valentine's Day  (Animated) by Lacerem  
starlightspell's avatar
Thanks for the feature! Lovely collection! :D Happy early Valentine's Day!
Heather-Chrysalis's avatar
You're very welcome! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)

          Two Together Forever by starlightspell  
Katrin-Elizabeth's avatar
Thank you for featuring our photo! We are very pleased that you like our work! :rose: :love:
Heather-Chrysalis's avatar
You're very welcome! It's the sweetest and most perfect Valentine! Cupidon by Digithalie  

           Be my Valentine! by Katrin-Elizabeth   
LindArtz's avatar
Awww Jewel.  This made me tear up. :tears:     Thanks so much dear friend for including my artworks in this very heart-felt showcase. :heart:
I love this best, of all the Valentine features I've seen.  Warms hugs forever to you, dear friend. :heart: :hug:!!!
Heather-Chrysalis's avatar
Aww, thank-you so much dear Linda for your kind words...:hug: I'm glad you love this Valentine feature. You've been such a good friend and the gift you made for my birthday of
Cadbury as an angel looking over me will always be very dear to my heart. I can't tell you enough how your gift touched my heart.  Cute angel by Digithalie  

      More... by isider       With Love from Cadbury  by LindArtz        More... by isider  
LindArtz's avatar
Aww you're so very welcome, Jewel :aww: :heart:!!
Kay-March's avatar
 Spring Explosion by KmyGraphic   for the features!! :iconblowkiss-plz: You're adorable dear Jewel!!Merci ^=^ by LOVEMAYU  
Heather-Chrysalis's avatar
You're very welcome dear Kay! :iconhightonight:

             Cute Puppy (Animated) by Lacerem  
Kay-March's avatar
He is adorable!! :hug:  WOooHOoo by LOVEMAYU  
creative1978's avatar
So many great shots.  Thanks so much for including my shots among these, it is greatly appreciated :)
Heather-Chrysalis's avatar
You're very welcome, Jess! Your photos are very creative and original (I especially love the wedding series and the lovers' lane, and I love the soft pastel colors of Lil' Girl and the rose petals). :)  Lily by AudraMBlackburnsArt  

           flower divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt  Golden Rose For You by KmyGraphic  flower divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt    


Applemac12's avatar
Great spread Jewel and thank you so much for including me here! :heart: :hug:
Heather-Chrysalis's avatar
You're very welcome, Vin! :hug:

        Sweet Valentine by LOVEMAYU  
Doll-Ladi's avatar
Dearest Jewel for choosing my work. I am so happy to be included in  such a lovely showcase with so may beautiful images of art and photography. So many of these images are really very heartwarming and absolutely lovely. You make me feel very special and it means so much to me to be counted. Thanks from the heart!

Valentines Day by KmyGraphic
Heather-Chrysalis's avatar
You're very welcome, dear Melissa!  (((Love Kiss))) by LOVEMAYU  I'm very happy that I could make you feel special, because you are very special! And you deserve the best, on Valentine's Day and always. :aww: Birds Love by Digithalie  

        flower divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt    Lady in Red by KmyGraphic  flower divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt  
Doll-Ladi's avatar
What a wonderful thing to say Jewel you are much too kind and I appreciate your friendship. It really was a wonderful surprise!Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke 

SweetLove by KmyGraphic
Emma-Lawlor's avatar
:D My photo of my first lizard made it into your showcase :heart: thank you!!
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