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I thought is was time for me to do an Autumn/Halloween showcase. :)
New from me this year with more to come in the next few weeks:
MOCHA AND CADBURY CELEBRATE AUTUMN by Heather-Chrysalis  MYSTIC AND THE PUMPKIN by Heather-Chrysalis  WITCHY LILY by Heather-Chrysalis  WITCHY CRESCENT 3 by Heather-Chrysalis  VAMPIRE HONEYDEW by Heather-Chrysalis  VAMPIRE HONEYDEW AWAKENS by Heather-Chrysalis  VAMPIRE LILY by Heather-Chrysalis  ESCAPING THE GRIM REAPER by Heather-Chrysalis

Previous years:
COCOA AND HERSHEY CELEBRATE AUTUMN by Heather-Chrysalis  CRESCENT AND GOURDS 2 by Heather-Chrysalis  CRESCENT and GOURDS by Heather-Chrysalis  HARVEST KISSING GECKOS by Heather-Chrysalis  CAPPUCCINO AND CADBURY CELEBRATE AUTUMN by Heather-Chrysalis  PUMPKIN GECKOS! by Heather-Chrysalis  PUMPKIN AND THE RUNAWAY GECKOS! by Heather-Chrysalis  AUTUMN SIBLINGS 1 by Heather-Chrysalis  AUTUMN SIBLINGS 2 by Heather-Chrysalis  ECLIPSE AND THE PUMPKIN by Heather-Chrysalis  CANDY CORN BABY by Heather-Chrysalis  A TASTE AT THE FARMER'S MARKET by Heather-Chrysalis  FARMER TWILIGHT'S MARKET by Heather-Chrysalis  FARMER TWILIGHT by Heather-Chrysalis  FARMER TWILIGHT'S BIRTHDAY by Heather-Chrysalis  WITCHY CADBURY by Heather-Chrysalis  HALLOWEEN CADBURY by Heather-Chrysalis  CAPPUCCINO CELEBRATES HALLOWEEN! by Heather-Chrysalis  THE TRICK OR TREATERS by Heather-Chrysalis  CRESCENT'S WITCHY BREW by Heather-Chrysalis  CRESCENT'S WITCHY BREW 2 by Heather-Chrysalis  LILITH THE WITCH by Heather-Chrysalis  LILY THE SWEET WITCH by Heather-Chrysalis  MANDARIN THE BATTY GECKO by Heather-Chrysalis  WITCHY ARIADNE by Heather-Chrysalis  WITCHY APHRODITE by Heather-Chrysalis  BROOM PARKING ONLY by Heather-Chrysalis  HIBISCUS THE VAMPIRE-GECKO by Heather-Chrysalis  BROOM LESSONS! by Heather-Chrysalis  BROOM RIDE! by Heather-Chrysalis  BY THE ASPHODELS...The Night disorders my mind, dusting my grief
with the sweet recall of her relief, dowsing
my heat with an inner snowfall, I let myself
drift into the shiny sounds of Silence-and
inhale my tears from following me home again,
the rain is all I feel against my misused body
disordered too much by Misery's tearful glaze,
but the Asphodels know what I wish to forget
and they windmill the rain to covet the blue
from my shade...I am bare but not barren...
My heart is all I have to call my own, teary
stained it remembers what I wish to forget,
but the Asphodels won't let me drink from Lethe
so these ghosts I must befriend as they follow
me into my mental interior, rattling the shadows,
covering up my screams with blood and bones,
Silence liquidizes my disordered insides into
Stillness, I couldn't recall a more perfect
moment than when I reclaimed that old ghostly
glory that riddled beneath my lucid skin...
I know a lullaby waits for me on the otherside
of forgetful Sleep-fermenting in the deep
  INFINITELY LILITHI am not dead for I cannot die,
once Man thought I could be easily misused,
exiling me to an epilogue no longer remembered
as he blotted out my blush from staining
the Earth's chrysalis rind, if only he knew
that beneath my touch knowledge took root
and pumpkins were hollowed out into shapes
-seedless and skinless-as infinite as the mind.
I am not dead, I cannot die
for I am the memory of primevel bliss,
though blackened my skeleton still exists,
licking the Silence clean so my name can
bite more soundly, a thousand serpents hiss
from my nebula center, welcoming to me
my children who bring the blood that feeds
my dessicated garden, ravenously growing,
I cannot regret for I live too purely to repent
the pushing and prodding of my blossoms to be
known by the timeless exuberance of eons past,
in the Moonlight I move and speak of dark things
not really dead and the light not really blessed
without me being known first, infinitely I say
I am not dead for I cannot die.
I am Lilith.
  A KITCHEN WITCHThe cooking fires I light with a switch of my broom,
they kindle under my cauldron, within my kitchen's heart
recipes I conjure, the flavors of my spell stick to my spoon,
they moisten my intention, bewitches with aromas my hearth.
Sage and saffron, rosemary and thyme,
I charm their cadences to unfurl my magic,
cinnamon and vanilla bring to life the rhyme,
I summon memories with each pepperment lick.
My kitchen is my altar and I the witch sublime
who conjures in my cauldron recipes and spells
and honeyed locusts, their edible love I make mine,
so many memories reminisce in my incantation of smells.
Fairy folk fritters and changeling stew,
moisten the phase of my kitchen counter altar,
blind worm's sting and other bewitching brews
I cast to life, from me may the magic never falter.
From my cauldron I invoke an edible amulet in due time,
may Hestia bless my kitchen and the magic I twitch
into these recipes and spells that sometimes rhyme,
may Gaia's bounty I reap in the kitchen of this h
  DARK MOON DAUGHTERShe is inevitable. She is the Deep Dark Moon
within my belly's concave insides that causes
a cataclysm of Fluid and Force, a tide of change
that pulls my consciousness into a Night of
inner Sorcery that can never be learned-but
felt with every vibrating nerve stroking my
awakening into a silent song, she is invisible
but I feel her pulling the secrets from my
ocean, pulsing mysteries that I only come to
know through her, finally I accept my secret
self that I could never abhor under the ancient
memories spilling onto my head from a Dark
Moon Sky, even as my newly awakened soul is
conflagrated by the far-reaching dusky fingers
of a thousand Sunsets and Moontides-
She is there-the Darkness in the Light and
the Light in the Darkness, her truth hovers
in veils but not far below, for she has always
been there-a ring of Night even in shadowless
Day, waiting and watching and wanting that
midnight call from her daughters, and as I
stare up into the inevitable blackness of a
Dark Moon Night I h
  SHADOW SISTERForgotten are my fear and frozen passivity,
your stare is my shadow, your silence my
source of self-creation, I feel your dark
divinity catching me when I fall from the
secret suffering I abhor, drawing me up again
from the black hole of my mortal depression,
your image is the mirror to my inner goddess
I must reclaim, and when I do I will stretch
myself upon the dark wings of Night and read
the scroll of Stars, I will drink your blood
that flows hot and thick between my passion-
parted lips, for it is your life that is the
fluid course of healing, a world of wisdom
and feeling I must explore, and as I learn
to stand up from the frozen fragments of Fear
that once left me barren-a rootless island
seeking to anchor myself to Creativity's Sea
-at last I can look you straight in the eye,
naked as every liberated raven that flies
toward the Midnight Sun-so will I be, your
liberation is my libation, and as I dig myself
up from my undead burial, I am not afraid of
the Darkness, it is my Coura
  BEYOND THE CEMETARY GATESI stood outside the cemetary gate
and rattled the bones of the Darkness,
I pleaded with her to let me in before
I faded away into something other than
a beautiful decay, at last she sighed
and opened with a creak, scattering
the softest black petals on the ground
to cushion my bare feet-but I still
cut myself with a momentary disharmonious
thought, so she bejeweled me in the Silence
she exhaled, I traded Reason for Reverie
and wished for a Measure of Magic to crawl
under my skin and exhume the relics that
hid there, I shed veil after malformed veil,
I left my mortality a disheveled mess on
the ground, at last I was naked as a Dream,
so I gathered the mist about me and waited...
waited for my haunting to begin and the
dead to make me one of their own.
December 12-13, 2013
© Jewel MoonSilver Knight - All Rights Reserved.

Death is peaceful, easy and serene,
Death is the crone who stands in the shadows
and carries a scepter of bone, under a bleeding Sky
her lantern glows with the chaste rays of Hope,
shining pure like a solitary candle, burning
to illuminate the seeds of Faith that were planted
in the rich soil of the Dark, burning to lead the way
to the Faith that is the lifeforce of us all,
Death is the gatekeeper to an infinity of Love,
the keyholder to the blessings from everything divine,
“come with me” Death beckons, “come with me
into the Light”, seen and unseen, known and unknown,
Death is the skeleton who ferries in Change
from the shores of Mortality, just as all water
must return to its infinite source-
Death is the source of all endings and beginnings,
the energy that transforms the clenched fist
of Destruction into the open hand of renewed Life,
her song sings through the thick Silence
that hera

Deviations from other artists:
Lil' Girl Jpeg Mg 9976 by creative1978  Ruby Halloween Pumkin 1 by creative1978  Lil'Girl - Halloween Coffin - 0349 by creative1978  Lil' Girl Halloween Graveyard by creative1978  Monsoon by hclausen  A Rose For You by LuLupoo  Winged LeafA spiral breeze, calls
smoothly I move, completely loose,
winged leaf
through the grove, dawning shades
and though my first skin fades.
A smile falls
in the clovers,
rose and white tones
blooming grass
glowing under the dew, like emerald stained glass.

* K
* Y
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
  1st Autumn Rain            I wait,
   the dawning
   with wild autumn garlands,
   falling on my hair
   and leaves of gold
   undulating beneath my fingers
   whirlwind back the words
   within the sweet songs
   of starling birds…

   I have missed
   the chirping,
   the melody of their wings
   all through the summer
   this long, too long
   burning summer
   that consumed everything
   the best part of me
   in a bleak tormented silence…

               I wait,
   the awakening
   with another poet's hands,
   the mist comes in, the first humid air
   whilst a slice of cold
   slightly lingers
   translucid letters in the accords
   of bot
  Cemetery!Sepia night crawls slowly by
Casting shadows softly sigh
Gravestones dominate terrain
Filled with humanities endless pain.
To the left stands Cedar grove
Distinctive shape quite colourless
Under tree one lonely grave
Occupant restless, soul to save.
Shadow emerged from grave ground
Glides down rows of buried dead
Hesitates before angel who prays
Intentions honourable, tears shed.
Kneeling now, ghostly prayer
Before sculpture of stone
Remembering what? we'll never know
Memories belong to the grave below.
  *River Styx*River Styx,  Hades bound
Silent ferryman makes no sound
His boat contains human sorrow.
Departing souls, no tomorrow.
Day and night boat departs
Shades of dead with fearful heart
Should they have a coin to pay
Passage assured, on their way.
You have no coin? journey short
No way boatman will abort
Bound for Hades, time of fear
Trembling souls, hour is near.
  My Little Demons  by LindArtz  Nightly Stroll  by LindArtz  Day of the Creeps by LindArtz  Never SleepWithin the ocean full of krill
Huge whales swim slowly almost still
Swimming in the blue waters deep
Sea life moves and will never sleep

Colors are vibrant waters chill
Creatures live in sparkles and frill 
They do not require much upkeep
Sea life moves and will never sleep

Seeing the beauty brings a thrill
As divers swim in waters still
Slowly through the fishes they creep
Sea life moves and will never sleep

Fishermen hunt with rod and reel
Over fish til they have their fill
The oceans empty as they reap
Sea life moves and will never sleep
  I 'll always Love will I.... by floriaiglenoir  The Colors Of Autumn by Doll-Ladi  Facing the sun by coldstares  Faith by Doll-Ladi  October Sanctuary by PaganFireSnake  Temptation by PaganFireSnake  Cooper and His Pumpkin by PinEyedGirl  MY Pumpkin by PaganFireSnake  Dusk by kkart  Witch Finger Cookies by kaydered <da:thumb id="566229980"/>  Mad Hatter by Alannah-Hawker  Moon touched wings by LeeAnneKortus  Winged Leon by Yuki6  Halloween Gecko by Toxic-Muffins-Studio  Gaia as Jason by NadilynBeato  Happy Thanksgiving from Gaia by NadilynBeato  Happy Halloween by HeatherTelesca  Happy Halloween! by K9battlecry  Autumn witch by tamaraR  Magic Cat by Kajenna  Happy Halloween! by Amarantheans  Happy Halloween! by Katrin-Elizabeth  Who are you??? by mockingbirdontree  Endless nights   - book cover available by Consuelo-Parra  Black Cat by bambolamalricucita  Death-trap by xrust  Autumn is coming by DeingeL  Ocean Song Book Cover by MermaidsandWaves1993<da:thumb id="94099943"/>  Requiem by octobre-rouge     Time-Keeper by EnchantedWhispersArt  Halloween is coming by Tailgun2009  cherries by Animal75Artist  Spells by EnchantedWhispersArt
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Happy Haloween by KmyGraphic
Dear Jewel, lovely surprise to see your Halloween Journal. Many thanks for including my poems. Have not been online so much lately, almost missed this seasonal tribute.....Keep well...Delice