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This is Crescent with her Easter Eggs. I love her pose! She looks so graceful and elegant.
Crescent is an 7 year old female leucistic Texas Rat Snake.

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Did she try to eat the eggs after the photo?
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Haha, no, Crescent didn't try eat the Easter Eggs...but she is such a great model! :love:  Little Chicken girl by KmyGraphic  

             Easter Egg Divider - F2U by Drache-Lehre      Rabbits by KmyGraphic   Easter Egg Divider - F2U by Drache-Lehre  
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I want to pet her!
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Crescent is very gentle and friendly so she wouldn't mind one bit! :D

Happy Easter by KmyGraphic  
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Thank-you very much! :aww:
And thank-you for the favorites too! :iconsnake-plz:
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Wow~ what a gorgeous composition! I love the brightly colored eggs ageist her with the dark backgound, it makes Crescent absolutely stunning!
But I bet a girl that pretty never takes a bad picture.:D
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Thank-you so much! :D :iconsomehugsplz:
I really love taking holiday photos of my animals and especially Crescent-she my best friend and my sister. :iconcocoheartplz:
I'm glad that you enjoyed Crescent's pictures and thanks again for the warm comment. :iconcatloveplz:
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She is really pretty. 
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Thank-you so much! :D I'll tell her you said so...:iconsnake-plz:
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OMGosh, so cute! :D
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I've always wanted a snake. On a couple of occasions, I've saved little itsy-bitsy ring-necked snakes from being run over. I feel happy that they were rescued, but then I'm sad because I can't keep them. But one day, maybe when I'm older, I'll get a ring-necked snake! <3
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Snakes make great pets! In fact, last night and this morning I spent a lot of time with Crescent, cuddling in front of the TV. She's so playful. :aww: She loves to come out. :heart: I hope you can get your snake one day...:iconsnakesnakeplz:
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Did you put the eggs there? Or did she coil around them herself? Just wondering, she looks nice btw!
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I put the eggs on the table and Crescent just coiled around them into this pose! :iconpiplupflyplz:

I love how graceful she looks...:iconlovegoesboom:

Thank-you! :D

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D'aww thats soo cute! X3

& yeah she does look very gracefull ^3^

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Do snakes have very distinct personalities like rabbits or cats?  Does you snake like to hang out with you or is it happy to chill on its own?  Sorry for the dumb questions.  I just don't know anything really about snakes other than they eat rats and mice.
Heather-Chrysalis's avatar

Hello and I don't think these questions are dumb...I'm glad you're inquisitive enough to ask. Snakes do have their own individual personalities just like any other animal. There are times when a snake (like Crescent) doesn't want to come out to me, like in the evening when she's playing in her tank. She's enjoying herself digging into the substrate and climbing around and if I try to take her out she will strike at me. But then when she's relaxing in her shelter she will let me take her out and will be very happy to play together.


One of my other snakes, Medusa who is a royal python, is so calm and docile that she will even sit in my lap and watch an entire movie with me! I just love it when she does that. She's my movie-companion girl. :aww:


My other royal python, Lilith, will press her mouth against my lips as if asking for a kiss! It is so sweet when she does this. And everytime she does, I always give her kisses. I genuinely do feel a strong emotional bond with my snakes (some I am closer to than others like the ones I mentioned: Crescent, Medusa, and Lilith).


 I do feel like they enjoy being with me...but just like other animals and people, there are times when they would rather be alone.  Some people don't believe that reptiles can form emotional bonds, but I know that they can because of the love I've experienced with mine.

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Ahh, a very nice piece.
Crescent looks like a silver wire-wrapped necklace pendant, very mysterious and beautiful <3
The eggs are like gemstone adornments, very well placed.
I can only imagine how elegant this snake'd look wrapped around a few of those glass gemstones.
Heather-Chrysalis's avatar

Aww, thank-you so very much for your very artistic comment! :iconsnake-plz:

I loved your words and I'm so happy that you saw so much beauty in this picture. :iconpinksparklyheartplz:

Thanks again. :tighthug:

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wow thats soo damn cute lol
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