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Here is another picture of my "Bunny Crescent". This picture was taken at the same time as Crescent's other picture titled "Bunny Crescent", but I didn't submit this one.
Crescent is an 8 year old leucistic Texas Rat Snake, female, just over 4 feet long.
Copyright 5 by Th3EmOo 
Here is Crescent's other "Bunny Crescent" picture:
BUNNY CRESCENT by NocturneJewel  BUNNY CRESCENT 3 by NocturneJewel 

Other Easter Pictures:
EASTER CRESCENT by NocturneJewel EASTER GECKO GREETINGS! by NocturneJewel GINGER'S EGGS by NocturneJewel 

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Lol! This is too cute!
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Haha, thank-you! :D

  Easter-Blessings by KmyGraphic  
Thank you for this. I sent thus to my snake-prejudice hubby, in hopes that this will ease him one step closer to realizing that snakes are not to be harmed cause they just need boops and loves! And YOUR snake is SOOO adorable *squee* Im fully an adult and Your snake gives me the same warm fuzzies a kitten does. THANKS! 
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Happy Easter by KmyGraphic   Thank-you for your very kind comment! :D Chicken by KmyGraphic   

I love my Crescent so much, she's 12 years old now and she's just getting even more cuddly with middle age. When I have her out, she doesn't try to wonder off and disappear into the couch like she did when she was younger, but now she's more content to stay cuddled in my lap or arms or around my neck as I watch TV. Crescent is my cuddle bunny-snake! :aww: I hope your husband will warm up to snakes now and see them as adorable as we do and deserving love too.    

                                                           BUNNY CRESCENT by Heather-Chrysalis  

My gecko Mocha is into Easter too... BUNNY MOCHA 2 by Heather-Chrysalis  
floriaiglenoir's avatar this is so sweet and funny!A snake-rabbit...never saw that before!lollollol by LOVEMAYU cute bunny in a umbrella by Chibivillecute
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Haha, thank-you Flori! :iconfunkyfunnybunny-plz:
I hope the Easter bunny-snake brings you lots of chocolate goodies next year! :D

Rabbit LovesYou by KmyGraphic  
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...well, yes...I hope so, that would be nice!LOVESweets by KmyGraphic Love Heart by LOVEMAYU
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This is neat, and you are very creative!
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Both Crescent and I thank-you very much! :iconbunnykissuplz: :iconcocoheartplz: :iconbunnykissuplz:
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Came across this and thought I'd link you as I remembered the picture… I have linked the post back to here so that people can see where the original image is from :heart:
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Thank-you so much for that! :D I really appreciate your consideration in putting a link to me and my Bunny Crescent picture. :hug: :heart:
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Saw this circulating around Facebook so I'm glad a quick google reverse search took me to your dA page, this is incredibly cute! My friends think also, please keep doing more :)
Heather-Chrysalis's avatar
Thank-you for taking the time to do a google search and that it led you to my dA page! :) Crescent's bunny picture was stolen from me last year and people have been using it without my permission, so I'm happy that you liked it enough to go through the time of finding the original owner. That means a lot to me. :iconflowerheartplz:

I hope the Easter Snake brings you lots of delightful surprises! I'm getting ready to submit more cute Easter pictures soon! :D Thanks for the encouragement.
Easter Bunny by KmyGraphic  
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omg that is too cute
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Thank-you so much! :D

Easter Egg Divider - F2U by Drache-Lehre  Easter Egg Divider - F2U by Drache-Lehre  
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And she let you put thoses ears on her.Amazing.
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Thank-you! :iconchocolateeggplz:
Crescent and I are very close! She's such a sweet gentle girl and my best friend too! :) Easter by KmyGraphic  
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She is so darling!!!
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Oh my goodness, what a sweetheart!
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Thank-you! :) I'll tell Crescent you said so...Love Black-Kitty by LOVEMAYU
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Its cosplaying as lunch xD
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Oh, that is just too adorable! I love it!
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