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Rules and Submission Guidelines

The number one rule in this group is to treat others with respect. No flaming, trolling or other nasty behavior will be tolerated here. I am well aware that there are certain groups of Heathens who believe in racial superiority, and while I recognize your right to believe what you want, don't bring that here, I have a zero tolerance for racism. The same thing goes for 'Wiccan-bashing', and other forms of hatred, this is not the place for it.

We accept all types of artwork related to Norse, or other Germanic mythology. Quality works are preferred. I realize that 'quality art' is subjective, so artwork will be judged by technical quality and subject matter, rather than style. As for subject matter, submissions should have something to do with the legends, mythology or folklore surrounding various forms of Heathenry, or our way of life. This does not mean drawings of vikings, unless the vikings are depicted in a suitable situation or setting (you can submit these to our faves though). Depictions of famous historical vikings will be accepted, as they are ancestors, which are important to many Heathens. Any deviations that are not obviously dealing with heathen themes should have some kind of description to explain it, I have had to decline several things for this reason; and accepted several which had nice descriptions that I otherwise would not have accepted. We do not accept any works that are racist, ultra violent, or pornographic. Some violence in submitted artwork is acceptable, as the mythology abounds with it, but depictions of violence just for the sake of showing violence and gore will be declined. Likewise some nudity is fine too, as long as its tasteful. There's a special case to be made for certain symbols used in artwork, namely the 'black sun' and the symbols most people know as swastikas. These symbols are perfectly acceptable in artwork submitted to the group, as the symbols themselves do not imply racism, but are ancient symbols that have been improperly used by hate groups.

Please submit to the appropriate folder. We will decide which works to feature. B-)

Specific Guidelines:

Photography- Should be relatively decent quality, no blurry or overly grainy shots will be accepted. Acceptable subject matter for photography includes photos taken at a Blot, Sumble or festival, photos of appropriate sculptures, and handicrafts, or others, including interpretive photos of mythological themes. Artisan Crafts have their own folders.

Artisan Crafts- There are several folders for crafts, each set aside for the medium used. There is also a folder named 'Artisan Crafts' for mixed materials, items that do not easily fit into one category, or mediums that do not yet have their own folders. If in doubt, submit to this folder.

Poetry/Prose- Anything related to the Heathen way of life or beliefs is acceptable. Until I have a few contributors/co-founders who speak other languages, all submitted works must be in either English or German, or accompanied by a translation.

Blogs- We will accept suitable blogs about subjects which may be of interest to the community. This means anything from in-depth information on various aspects of seid or rune magic, festivals, rites, mythological analysis, etc.; to personal experiences that may have bearing on the lives of other group members. If we feel it could be of interest to the community we will accept it. All blogs must be written in English.

---People are capable of making mistakes, sometimes you're in a hurry and submit to the wrong gallery, or whatever. I'm not going to be an ogre with the rules here, unless things get out of hand or you are a repeat offender. Just remember the admins can make mistakes too :) so have some patience and understanding, and we will try to do the same.

:bulletblack: Members of our affiliates may submit one deviation per day.

Members may submit 5 items per day.
If in doubt, feel free to submit something, the worst that can happen is that it gets declined, I may even decide to create new folders (or sub-folders) for themes or subjects that I hadn't considered ;), and if your work is declined and you would like to know why, just ask.

Gallery Folders

Krampus by DeckyV-2
Asa-Thor by Meredyth
Serpent's Bite with Sheath by Wodenswolf
Digital Art
Loki in Black by MoonRouge
Chariot Ridding Thor by PeKj
Viking_mimimi by SimbAkella
Valkyrie_with_horn by SimbAkella
Traditional Art
Yggdrasil, Tree of Life by Aphilien
Jormundgard by Aphilien
Huginn and Muninn Norse mythology by SulaimanDoodle
Hel - Arwenn Necker by Pernastudios
Drinking horn and dragon ring by ikithule
Ingi by ikithule
Wise man by ikithule
Blot by HeathenHeart
Artisan Crafts
Frigga, Odin, Thor - Commissioned Statue by LunaSolare1
Freyja Prayer Beads by rowanasabredancer
Yggdrasil pendant by Iglybo
Mjolnir Candle by NokturnaMortum
Poetry and Prose
Designs and Interfaces
Commission Geri and Freki by Unita-N
Odin on Hlidskjalf by vikingmyke
Heathens vs Nuclear Power 1 by Meredyth
Horn and Bone
Drinking Horn #1 by Valven
Very large Raven horn and antler stand pic4 by Bonecarverpm
Dragon Thors Hammer - Front by Bonecarverpm
Yggdrasil Mammoth Ivory Pendant - front by Bonecarverpm
Woodworking and Pyrography
Wooden Shelf by Heidenwerk
Thor by Lugal
23 Ur by Trollwoods
Wand #A 003 SALE PENDING by CerberusWands
VIKING KNIT Silver Finished Copper Bracelet 2 by thewellandspindle
Mjollnir, Hammer of a God 4 by Wolfie-83
frej brons 08 by jaderas
Offerings to the Sun by wanderingmage
Odin wallet by Half-Goat
Loki's Nalbound family by Iglybo
Sleipnir Tattoo by VikingWidunder

Random from Featured

Raven Runestone by Sigrulfr Raven Runestone :iconsigrulfr:Sigrulfr 31 3 Valkyrie by Edli Valkyrie :iconedli:Edli 2,452 159 Berserk Viking USB by Devilry Berserk Viking USB :icondevilry:Devilry 129 71 Odin by SirGrunt Odin :iconsirgrunt:SirGrunt 1,032 449 Frig with infant Balder by SirGrunt Frig with infant Balder :iconsirgrunt:SirGrunt 89 33 The Norns by matildarose The Norns :iconmatildarose:matildarose 117 12 Ancestors by sphinxmuse Ancestors :iconsphinxmuse:sphinxmuse 1,321 117 Valkyrie by Elamen Valkyrie :iconelamen:Elamen 178 23 Lady Hel by silverelfshadows Lady Hel :iconsilverelfshadows:silverelfshadows 72 40 Goddess Freyja by silverelfshadows Goddess Freyja :iconsilverelfshadows:silverelfshadows 49 32 Nidhogg by KatieHofgard Nidhogg :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 1,621 95 Nidhogg by Ruth-Tay Nidhogg :iconruth-tay:Ruth-Tay 859 64 Valhalla Awaits by Alayna Valhalla Awaits :iconalayna:Alayna 975 70 Mjolnir by D3vilusion Mjolnir :icond3vilusion:D3vilusion 15 0 hel's glory by brainleakage
Mature content
hel's glory :iconbrainleakage:brainleakage 268 68
Yggdrasil by fenix42 Yggdrasil :iconfenix42:fenix42 821 114

Recent Journal Entries

The ancient followers and believers of the old Gods of Germany, Scandinavia and Anglo-Saxon England did not have a name that they called their religion because their religious identity was simply part of their cultural identity. It wasn’t until Christianity encroached on these ancient polytheistic cultures that the term Heathen (used by the 4th Century Christian Goth Ulfilas in his translation of the Bible) was first employed to distinguish between Christians and the ‘other’. It is believed that Ulfilas was inspired to follow the example the Romans had created when they termed the word pagan. Ulfilas’ use of the term heathen in his translation of the Bible would trickle down the centuries until the word was used in various sagas later.

For the purposes of this group, the term Heathen is used to relate to those in antiquity and today with a common worship to the God Odin and related deities. Not eeryone uses the term Heathen for this, some use other labels to describe their religious expression: Northern Tradition, Forn Sed, Asatru, Norse Paganism, Germanic Paganism, Norse Polytheist, etc.
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MadXStitcher Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Last journal was four years ago, by someone with a deactivated account.  Group is dead.
Glomscient Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the add! I do metalwork (and other crafts) as inspired by the Dvergar, and I honor them alongside the Aesir and the Vanir: the act of crafting being a major part of what makes me who I am. I make a lot of jewelry, but I make other things, too.
Geosammy Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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I'm assuming by RP, you meal roleplay, so this response is based on that common understanding for that abbreviation.

That is counter to everything we stand for. Heathenry is about the sacred balance between humans and the numinous forces of the world: the Gods, the Vaettir, the Ancestors. Roleplay makes Them imaginary, makes Them not have power, and relegates Them to nothing more than fantasy, trapped in the cage formed by mortal minds. The Regin (Holy Powers) live and have power beyond our ken. So no, we have no interest in joining forces with you and your make pretend world that is a profanity to those powers.

Marvel Thor, is NOT my God. Marvel Thor is a fictional character, and while he may have been inspired by my God Thor, the two are not the same thing. Thank you very much.
VoceDelBosco Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017   Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the add!

I make little creations inspired by Nature and her Spirit (in particular Woods, Forests and Mountains), from Forest Animals and other Creatures and from Pagan and ancestral traditions.
 I'm glad to join this group!
punkandartStJimmy Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the request! :)
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Is this group still active?
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Thank you for the fave!
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