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Rolling his eyes behind his thick bangs, the bard tapped his violin bow on his shoulder in an irritated manner. He could already feel the air around his person strain a bit with disdain, but he really didn't care. Perhaps he may make some new enemies, but that wasn't a new thing anyway. He made an absent hum in response to the other bard's comment. Yiruva wasn't sure what to think, really-- his violin being amplified may have some good effects, but at the same time, it would probably attract monsters from much farther away, which would be disasterous. Well, not like he was planning on doing much anyway.

The point raised about the treasure was a good one, and he paused for a moment to think on it. Personally, he wasn't really interested in the treasure itself, but he was well aware of the tendencies for backstabbing when people were in a new party... like this one. None of them knew each other, and there was no real reason to feel any sort of attachment. He hummed an obscure tune absently, and kept the thought in the back of his head. Sometimes, the important enemy was closer than one may think.

(( frig I'm so sorry I've been away for the past week orz;; haven't been online since about last week, I'm really sorry for the wait ;; feel free to skip me if I don't respond after around 5 days from now on.... again really sorry ;; Xerxesia is next; then it's twiltye luna008 RusBus94 ))
F-O Event 1 RP
Thank you very much! ;w;/
04 - Leucocoryne
Grimacing a bit, Yiruva contemplated speaking up about his skills, but decided not to. He would use it if someone was in a critical situation, but he didn't want to be bugged for healing left right and center. It seemed everyone had their plan in order, anyway, and it was self-explanatory that he would be in the same position as the other bard in the party. Still, the pointed silence stared at him, saying that he should at least state his name... He may as well, he didn't want to be referred to whatever nicknames these people would come up with. In any case, they would probably be able to see it later at some point. "...Yiruva. Just a warning, I'm concerned about myself first and foremost, so don't expect me to help any of you."

To be honest, he was actually a bit worried about this quest. Caves, or enclosed areas in general, spelled death traps and suffocation. He fought much better in wide areas full of platforms, like forests, since he could romp around and dodge as much as he liked without worrying about having a wall to smack into. 'Well, I guess there's no helping that.' He gave an internal sigh as he fell to the very back of the party, walking while maintaining a set distance from everyone else.

(( Xerxesia is next; then it's twiltye luna008 RusBus94 ))
F-O Event 1 RP
"Why did I accept this quest again..." Grumbling to himself irritably, stuffing his extra potions into his bag. Sure, treasure was great, amazing even-- but partying? Ugh. He only had experience partying with one other person in this game so far, and that was as pleasant as it could get, but this was a far cry from that situation. This time, he'd be in an actual group party (as in, multiple loudmouths) going off to some dank, wet cave system that he could care less about. It was obvious that he was a little annoyed.

Fact was, though, he accept this quest (for these reasons and those reasons that he didn't even want to think about) so he would just need to put up with it. In any case, he would just play as he usually did, and he didn't care if the others liked it or not. With that in mind, he glanced up at the sun, squinting. "...I'm late, aren't it?" After a moment of silence, he dashed off, his speed impressive as he weaved through the crowd. Skidding to a stop at the North Gate, the bard glanced around. 'Strange turnout.' Not bothering to say any greetings, Yiruva just crossed his arms and tapped his foot impatiently for them to get on with it.

(( Ahhh I'm so sorry I've been so busy lately with school work orz ;; I didn't get an alert for the mention either for some odd reason, but yes I'm really sorry for the delay and not being in the skype group chat ;;; Xerxesia: is next and the order is twiltye luna008 RusBus94 ))
F-O Event 1 RP
I shall now dub them the "Yokoso Duo" wwww