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Tom Holland by HeatEdgeSword Tom Holland :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 0 0 Hoopa is a seed addict by HeatEdgeSword Hoopa is a seed addict :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 1 0 How (not) to draw Ram by HeatEdgeSword How (not) to draw Ram :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 2 0 Dynastagoon by HeatEdgeSword Dynastagoon :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 2 0 Back To Where It Belongs by HeatEdgeSword Back To Where It Belongs :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 1 0 Dat Incredible Adventure Of Incredimeow by HeatEdgeSword Dat Incredible Adventure Of Incredimeow :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 2 0 The Hat and the butterfly by HeatEdgeSword The Hat and the butterfly :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 1 1 More like Stealth Egg by HeatEdgeSword More like Stealth Egg :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 0 0 My brother is an idiot by my sister by HeatEdgeSword My brother is an idiot by my sister :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 0 0 2015 (kinda) overview by HeatEdgeSword 2015 (kinda) overview :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 1 0
Sword and Darkness Demo Review
So yeah, there's Swords of... I mean AND Darkness demo for the 3DS. Sword and Darkness is developed by Arc System Works. I thought it has potential, but after I played it, it was awfully boring.
Short Version: It's really, really repetitive.
Long Version: There's really isn't that much to talk about, especially since I only played the demo but not the full game though I don't any plans buying the full version given how I dislike the game. I don't really care about plot as I skipped every cut scene the demo has to offer. I guess something happened and a majority of the knights are now evil or something like that.
You play as a knight who defeat a bunch of evil knights. Or more accurately, the only enemy in this demo is knights. These knight took almost forever for me just to defeat one or maybe two. Because of this, it gets extremely boring and repetitive easily. One of the most important aspect of the game is exciting and fun gameplay and this game fails that. I would also like to poin
:iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 0 0
Jurassic Par... I mean WORLD
I'll admit it, I never did watch anything related to Jurassic Park. Until I watch Jurassic World with my family on June 21st. 
Before I start, I will tell some fun facts. Mosasaurus weren't dinosaur, they are aquatic reptiles. Also, Pterosaur aren't dinosaur, they're flying reptiles, so let's begin. Not that anyone cares since Dinosaur are all gigantic reptiles anyway.
readers: wat
Jurassic WORLD is about a teenager called Zach and a child called Gray go to a theme park call Jurassic Park with their aunt. But their aunt is busy hanging with them and discuss about an artificial dinosaur called Idio- I mean Indominus Rex. Also, there's Owen. Indominus Rex escaped and every dinosaur went loose as well. A lot of people were slaughtered by runaway dinosaur. That's not spoiler since most dinosaur movie involves dinosaur killing humans.
Just like how most audience think, I find the visual to be amazing. The characters in the film were actually acceptable, I actually most h
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The water that cost RM 3.50 by HeatEdgeSword The water that cost RM 3.50 :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 0 0
Short Opinion #5: Fifty Shade of Grey (or Gray)
.... You know what, I never even watched it. I don't have any plans to watch it and I never will. From what I've heard, it's a movie based on Novel which is probably a fan fiction of the notorious Twilight. Now for the main reason why I decided to talk about Fifty Shade of Grey.... I'm sick of peoples talking about Fifty Shade of Grey! I know its negative reception for Fifty Shade of Grey and I already mentioned I'll never watch it. But really, why the are we going to talk about something that should be forgotten within a month or less? It's best to forget about Fifty Shade of Grey and never be talk or discuss ever again. It's not worth your time. For me, there's really nothing interesting to make anyone keep discussing Fifty Shade of Grey. I guess it's probably because I never watched it. But whatever.
Now I need to forget a certain anime produced by Fukuda.....
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Bootleg Baymax by HeatEdgeSword Bootleg Baymax :iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 0 0
Short Opinion #4: Mario is (not) Racist
For those who don't know, Mario is Racist is a 'popular' animation from Youtube.... With a naked Peach in the thumbnail.
Despite being a pervert, I didn't fall into that obvious clickbait.
I finally watched the video yesterday and...... it was terrible! It's about Mario is portrayed as a psychopath (geez, never heard that before) and brutally kills a bunch of characters in a kart race. The short ends with him being killed by Kratos. I am not a big fan of graphical violent humor. Also, I have plenty things to nitpick.
Bob-Omb doesn't kill anyone in Mario Kart. It simply cause them to stun if the racer caught the explosion.Fire Flower doesn't do lethal damageYou can't use item box like that.It's not Double Dash, therefore there's no Giant Banana. Even then, Mario can't get Giant Banana.An unfunny gag about Ash stripping all his clothes after he caught Sonic because he can do whatever he wants. Beside, why do they want to use Ash? It's 2010s! And don't randomly throw terrible
:iconheatedgesword:HeatEdgeSword 1 0


Wallcrawler by FrancoTieppo Wallcrawler :iconfrancotieppo:FrancoTieppo 26 3 Tyra, Bobo and Gizmo by FleetingEmber Tyra, Bobo and Gizmo :iconfleetingember:FleetingEmber 1,143 63 Ochako - BNHA by Parororo Ochako - BNHA :iconparororo:Parororo 4,778 98 Inskint Troglobite Ogrehaul by BummerForShort Inskint Troglobite Ogrehaul :iconbummerforshort:BummerForShort 188 13 Pokemon Ultra Moon and Sun - Moon by GENZOMAN Pokemon Ultra Moon and Sun - Moon :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,041 45 02 by Satchely 02 :iconsatchely:Satchely 2,898 46 Incandescence by JohnSu Incandescence :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 19,847 873 Halloween 2017 by Grooooovy Halloween 2017 :icongrooooovy:Grooooovy 2,387 40 BJBB: Chiffone by hen-tie BJBB: Chiffone :iconhen-tie:hen-tie 1,865 30 IE-kun's Valentine by Cioccolatodorima IE-kun's Valentine :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 7,477 654 .: Happy 10th, Hatsune Miku :. by Hikari151 .: Happy 10th, Hatsune Miku :. :iconhikari151:Hikari151 23 4 Life of Ry - Sauce by Ry-Spirit Life of Ry - Sauce :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 1,515 75 Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls by Ry-Spirit Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 842 45 Life of Ry - Asian Dinner by Ry-Spirit Life of Ry - Asian Dinner :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 1,182 76 woah by Ry-Spirit woah :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 1,790 134 Corpse by CottonValent Corpse :iconcottonvalent:CottonValent 457 46


'Nuff said.


Alright, that and I will try my best to be as active as possible on DeviantArt. Not because I like it, but because I want to bring quality (that depends how you take that meaning as) to DeviantArt. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Formerly known as Flamemario12.

I'm currently still on hiatus. If I'm activate again, I will write a journal entry about it.

One more thing, I don't understand Malay, so please don't comment it in Malay.

Also, don't be too bothered the fact that I act like a jerk.


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